My salad dressing days

Deep breaths, shallow breaths, deep breaths…
November 12, 2005, 7:21 pm
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Honey, I think I need you to come home from work – I’m having cravings!

Are you sure? Think about it: you’ve had these cravings on and off before.

I know, but they’re really regular now. Before it was just now and then…I could breathe through them, y’know, like they taught me at the meetings? Remember?

Yeeeesssss…so how frequent are they then?

I dunno: maybe every 45 minutes…


I know!

Ummmmm, well if I jump into a cab, I could be with you in an hour.

An hour? An hour!

And you’re absolutely sure the biscuit tin is empty?

Yes! Forgodssake, why on earth else would I be calling you? Come home NOW and stop by the petrol station and BUY ME SOME CHOCOLATE!



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I seem to be having the same craving!

Comment by United We Lay

LOL! Oh, been there. I’m thinking as I read this, “Cigarettes? OMG, I didn’t know she smoked!”

Cookies. Much much better.

Comment by Jonniker

CHOCOLATE! I knew something was missing.

Comment by actonbell

LOL- UC, you had me going.

Comment by Kyahgirl

I’ve had many similar crises.

Comment by Meegan

There should be some sort of chocolate or ice cream delivery person. THAT is a fortune-maker.

Comment by Whinger

You ran out of cookies and chocolate??? That is a true emergency in my book! Hope Mr. Chick made it home in time.

Comment by KGrams

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