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What I’d like to do to Sharleen Spiteri
November 10, 2005, 8:48 am
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is cut her silly fringe!

I’m even considering a quick trip to north London bearing some kitchen scissors to do the deed.

**hears voice of Motherhen in her ear: you need a hair cut, my lady – you look like a Shetland pony with that fringe!**

[This post was inspired by Meegan, who would like Goldie Hawn to tie her blonde locks back in a ponytail.]


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Ah one of the many sayings that our parents used and we vowed never too….

Comment by Aginoth

What I would like to do with Sharleen Spiteri…

is cut her silly frigging head off.

Then we wouldn’t have to put up with any more of her dreary singing.

Was anyone else puzzled a few years ago by the acreage of column inches devoted to her “beauty”???

Comment by Spinsterella

As with most late 80s also-rans who got lucky, Sharleen should really know when to retire gracefully from public life.

1989 would have been a good time for this.

Comment by Pashmina

When I was a little tacker, sometimes I used to put the Lego mens’ hair on back-to-front. It looked a bit like this.

Comment by greta

bah to texas and their dreary MOR wittering.

i think everyone got all oohy over her as it was suddenly a departure from the lumberjack-shirt-soft-rock years that all of a sudden she became deeply ashamed of.

next week – why i hate mick hucknall*

*this may run to several pages

Comment by surly girl

As bad as it is, I still don’t think it’s as bad as being in your twenties and having Irish dancer ringlets.

Yes, Katie Melua, that means YOU!

Comment by Kellycat

Spinsterella, SG: such venom! While UC’s picture of SS show’s she’s more “normal” than a “model”, the one time I saw Texas live they were pretty good, and the song they do is quite catchy.

(They do only have the one, right?)

Comment by Stef the engineer

Didn’t her boyfriend work in the glossy mag business, which was why she was always in them. That’s her actual size, actually, she’s a midget. Cut her head off and she’d be about a foot tall.

Comment by Wyndham

ooh, venom indeed.

I’m not in the slightest bit interested in her music but I do think she is quite lovely to look at, even with that idiotic hairdo

Comment by GreatSheElephant

I’m sure Ms Spiteri’s hairdo is very “directional” and Tamsin at Toni & Guy has used some chopping in techniques to add plenty of movement or whatever hairdressers say.

Texas are a dreadful band and the only good thing about them is the pome my husband did about them on his blog, which I’m not going to plug here of course …

Comment by Betty

As one of the oblivious crowd, I don’t know who SS is. However, I can always count on you UC to educate me.
As for the hair, it makes me twitchy just to look at a fringe like that. I can’t stand to have hair in my eyes or even tangling in my rather copious eyebrows!!

Comment by Kyahgirl

I don’t know who she is either but she looks rather manish in that picture.

Comment by Anonymous

I thought it was Vernon Kay.

Comment by patroclus

That hair must be cut.

But think how easy that must be to style. Just stand in the shower with the crown of your head in the spray, and then don’t towel off.

Comment by Whinger

YIKES! I agree, something has to be done immediately. I’m on the next plane to London. I will hold her down and you can do the snipping.

Comment by Meegan

goldie hawn will never tie back her hair in a ponytail. It’s called… Hide-the-chubby-cheeks-by-distracting
by-bouffant-hair hairstyle.

Comment by SBB

You may need a whipper-snipper to tame that beasty mass.
Perhaps you could offer to do her bikini line while you’re at it.

Comment by Ova Girl

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