My salad dressing days

Overheard in my living room
November 9, 2005, 12:48 pm
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[Mr Chick enters stage left.]

UC: Hi, honey – how was your day?

Mr Chick: Oh, fine. How ’bout you?

UC: Yeah, OK. [adopts pathetic, whiney tone] Although I’ve got terrible muscle tension in my neck and shoulders…

Mr Chick: Want me to give you a massage?

UC: [puppy-eyed] May-be…d’you think that’d help? I should probably take a Nurofen…or have a hot bath…

Mr Chick: Up to you! [UC tips head from side to side and groans] What would you like for dinner?

UC: Oh God, stop it with the questions already! I dunno! [rolls eyes heavenwards]

[Mr Chick exits stage right. UC mutters to self.]

Where’s an unreconstructed 1950s husband when you need one?*

* I’m joking – OBVIOUSLY. Mr Chick is a marvel.


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You turned down a massage from Mr. Chick?

Comment by Esther

and .. the fine print isn’t added in hastily because Mr Chick reads your blog too 🙂

Comment by Aurora

I’m with Esther on this one – UC get a grip, or better still let Mr Chick get a grip on your shoulders

Comment by GreatSheElephant

i had a hunch i would be shouted down by an uncomprehending sisterhood

of course i let him massage me (but only after he’d cooked dinner)

Comment by Urban Chick

Mr Chick deserves a round of applause! I too am blessed with a dh who can cook, do massage, and take care of the children. A treasure indeed!!!


Comment by Kyahgirl

Did your kitchen help have the night off, or something?

Comment by Meegan

I have a good’un as well. I think I’ve probably ironed three items in the past year, and those would have only been when Duck was away.

As I’ve not had great health in the past year, he’s been an absolute treasure in looking after me as well.

And he makes a point of saying thank you when I do any housework.

He does make a lot of mess in the kitchen though, and he will leave half empty cans of diet coke all over the house….

Can’t win ’em all.

Comment by Kellycat

I’ve no idea where one finds an unreconstructed 1950s husband these days, but oh my, I wouldn’t mind one bit if mine came home one evening in the guise of 1950s-vintage Gregory Peck…

Comment by Pashmina

I knew you’d be a Roman Holiday fan, Pash.

Comment by Wyndham

Hee! If that happened in my house I’d get, “So you’re not making dinner then?” and then he would make a grilled cheese without offering to make me one.

Comment by Jenny G

Sounds like there its just those British blokes that are so good. I want one!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Yes, Wyndham, it’s true; I am that predictable.

Hey-ho – take my advice, UC, never turn down a massage offer (unless he’s a really crap masseur), these are instincts to be nurtured.

Comment by Pashmina

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