My salad dressing days

My cover has been blown
November 4, 2005, 6:21 pm
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Today, I met fellow blogger Whinger and her significant other, both of whom were smart, funny and all round great company.

I feel sure she will be blogging any minute now to tell the world about my navy blue Clarks pseudo-trainers and black cotton not-quite-a-rucksack-but-might-just-as-well-be shoulder bag.

What can I say, dear readers? I am nothing but a sham, a fake, a fraudster.

*hangs head in shame*

But come on! You didn’t think I teetered around in kitten heels, swinging a Furla handbag all the time, did you?

You did??

Oh dear…


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Tut tut, Chick – you’ve let the side down. Now, as remedy, I say you go and buy yourself that Furla bag and a pair of kitten heels to go with it…

Comment by Hannah

Put it this way – like Patroclus, you have a cherry red leather sofa – seemingly the sofa of choice for the aspirational lifestyle blogger as opposed to the down-at-heel blogger (me)*, so I still imagine you being carried around in a big chair with Furla handbags being thrown in your path, whatever the reality of the situation.

*settee from the Habitat sale – colour described as “Jaipur”, whatever that is.

Comment by Betty

Never mind my dear, its not the bag that makes the woman.
Regardless of what you were wearing, I’d love to have been in your shoes to meet the ‘wingnut’* and her SO. Glad you could get together.

* wingnut-affectionate term for slighty batty friend, used in Canda


Comment by Kyahgirl

Oh I was afraid that you would blog about my how I have to hog an entire piece of cake. 🙂

I had much fun.

Comment by Whinger

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