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October 30, 2005, 1:56 pm
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everyone seems to think I don’t know how to pronounce ‘ubiquitous’.

When all I was saying was that I thought it would be kind of cute if it was pronounced ‘oo-bee-kwish-us’* and not ‘oo-bick-quit-us’ (or ‘yew-bick-wit-us’ or WHATEVER). Hey! I was bored and suffering from a chronic case of blogger’s block.

But, as I said, I do rather prefer ‘omnipresent’ anyway.

Leave this post alone! Please! Go bother another post! This one is making me Y-A-W-N now…

*mwah mwah*
UC xxx

*And yes, I know this would involve the insertion of another ‘i’ – I know!


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have i been saying it wrong all along then?

the shame…

Comment by surly girl

if you were saying the former, then i believe linguistic snobs would say: yes, you are wrong (although, my point was that the former was infinitely preferable, but i’m not sure how well i communicated that – i’m a packet short of a multipack of quavers today…)

Comment by Urban Chick

Why is ‘w’ pronounced double u and not double v – which it is, is it not? Cf French…

Comment by Mark

Actually, it is you-bik-wit-ous. Beginning it with ooo, instead of you, sounds very American. (i.e. the way they say Tuna for example). See Definition on Camridge Dictionaires Online. It will show the phonetics.

Cheers. K.

Comment by Anonymous

I’m with the yew-bik-wit-ous (just for spelling variety) camp, for what it’s worth. And I like to think I’m often right on these things.

Comment by Pashmina

‘kwish-us’ makes it sound vaguely edible somehow.
I don’t think I’m going to be able to say it for a while now. I dread to think what my mouth might do to it if my mind was on auto.

Comment by mig bardsley

I agree with anonymous on this.

I didn’t know that it was said any other way. I put the stress on the second syllable. I think it is totally acceptable to say it another way, if that’d what people think.

But I say: YouBIKwitus.
Being Aussie, my final vowel is schwah.

Comment by Justine

while I’m at it: I say FORRED, not fore-head. My husband and my friend with a Canadian background both say Fore-Head. i think they sound ridiculous, and I’ve tried explaining to them…

Comment by Justine

mig: that’s why i like the former, kwish-us sounds delicious (mmmm) but i know it can never be…

K and pashmina are entirely right (of course) – thank you

wonderful commenters are thankfully yew-bick-wit-us

bwahahahahahaha (hallowe’en style laugh)

Comment by Urban Chick

Late to the fray as usual, but it’s definitely you-bik-wit-us. It would only be -shuss at the end if there was an i in it, thus: ubiquitious. Which there isn’t. Although that word looks quite nice. Perhaps you could petition to have it changed?

Comment by patroclus

well if was (over a period of many years and endless missives to the ever-changing editor) able to persuade the indie to call the chinese capital bejing and not peking (even the telegraph was ahead of the game), then perhaps there is hope that i can petition the OED to lob in an extra ‘i’ and so it can become deliciously kwish-us

[jeepers – never woulda thought a can’t-think-of-anything-to-blog-about post would stir so much passion and now back to handbags…]

Comment by Urban Chick

I say it you-bick-wit-us also. This is the English language we’re talking about, which does have more exceptions to every rule than we could ever imagine. It’s why all the people trying to learn to speak and read English have so much trouble.

I remember a kid from Brazil in my third grade class asking why the “ch” in “stomach” wasn’t pronounced “ch” like cheerios…

Comment by Esther

What’s with ‘oo-bee-kwish-us’: it should be ‘you’ to start with, and how can you get a ‘sh’ sound without an ‘i’ after the ‘t’? It’s ‘you-BI-kwi-tus’ (or whichever way you split those syllables). LOL!

Comment by Bela

Glad you got ubiquitous straightened away.

Now, Justine, I have to question the forehead comment. Maybe because I’m Canadian, but I’m having a hard time understanding why I might be wrong for referring to my fore-head, not my forred. Have I really had a high FORRED all along and not a high forehead?

Comment by Kyahgirl

Have you come across those Real English people who pronounce “strong”, “fling”, and so on with a hard G? Apparently that’s the correct way.

Comment by Dave F

Yes, Kyah! You seem to have understood perfectly.

Of course, you keep spelling it “forehead”, but that’s just one of those things.

If you say it FORRED, people will start to give you surreptitious smiles and nod knowingly.

Comment by Justine

ah, I see. Thank you for setting me straight. 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

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