My salad dressing days

No end of dancing in my living room
October 28, 2005, 11:40 am
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and singing ‘Teacher’s Pet’ is going to turn me into Doris Day, is it?

But I like to think I might yet be required to stand in for Natalie on the Dixie Chicks’ next world tour as and when she falls pregnant with her third child.

Now, that could happen…


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Am I missing something obvious, or have I just not taken enough cold and flu rememdy with my cider?????

Comment by Kellycat

i don’t think so…

this post pretty much does what it says on the tin (even if i am revealing what some will regard as appalling taste in musak)

dum da dum da dum
dum da dum da
dum da dum da dum
teacher’s pet
i wanna be teacher’s pet…

Comment by Urban Chick

Can I be your Rick Hudso –

Oh.Hang on.

Comment by Wyndham

That Natalie took a lot of flak on her last tour for criticizing Bush (George, not Kate). Those country fans sure do get uppity. You may want to choose a different Dixie Chick.

Comment by Whinger

… is there a national Doris Day Day coming up then?

Comment by Betty

Doris Day. Known during her hay day as ‘The world’s oldest virgin.’
Pointless comment I know, but we all love ’em.

Comment by Mike

Hey UC – tried to email you info re the play but I couldn’t get through it said your domain name didn’t exist. Help!
Maybe will try womenwritingetc.
And talking old virgins (thank you mike) can anyone think of a film they would rather see less than 40 year old virgin? man, there’s a straight to video if ever i saw one..

Comment by spindleshanks

Now that we’re grown-ups, we don’t need to pretend to be holding a microphone whilst dancing in the living room…

Comment by actonbell

Have you seen the movie Love And Other Catastrophes?

Comment by Justine

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