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Dear brown suede knee-length boots
October 23, 2005, 11:51 am
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I can’t tell you how much I have been looking forward to this day: a day cool enough for our first date. You’ve been lying there in that flamingo-pink box for almost a year – A WHOLE YEAR, goddammit! (Do you know what that does to a girl??)

I wondered briefly whether you might combine best with some three quarter length jeans but settled on a knee-length skirt. I even did that thing I never do, the thing I really like about not being in remunerated, office-based employment: I wore tights. Yes, just for you! Did you notice? And I didn’t give a second thought to all those times I had to slip behind doorways to yank the crotch up after its persistent south-bound descent. It didn’t matter, because every time I pulled at the material sagging round my knees, I saw your silky, suedey loveliness. Ooooh…

Did you notice how I stopped in front of that mirrored lift door, pretending that I had lost something in my handbag when really I was sneaking a glance at us? And did you see the way people looked at us? I just know people were staring at us. C’mon: we looked HOT!

And I hope you didn’t mind that I kept slipping my hand under the table in the restaurant to stroke you. I sure as heck didn’t see you complaining…

Listen. I want you to know that I’m coming to an acceptance of the fact that your lining is man-made. Without a doubt, this was a source of some disappointment in the early days, but so long as you give out a little (my calves are just the teensiest bit cramped right now), I don’t care.

But hey! What’s this about you pinching around my ankles?! Are you trying to make some sort of a point? With pleasure comes pain? I guess I can live with that…hell, especially if my ankles look so damn skinny with it!

Anyway, I hope we can do it all again soon, maybe even tomorrow? Not long after I took you off, I had to put on my slippers (those autumn nights are getting chilly!). But I thought about you all the time. Truly I did.


P.S. By the way, I’ve been giving some thought to Christmas. I know I’ve always resisted in the past, but I’m thinking about getting you some boot insert supports. None of your plastic nonsense. I’m thinking solid pine. I mean, you’re worth it!

P.P.S. I know, I know. This photo doesn’t do you justice. But you were somewhat unco-operative at the shoot. You were begging to be plumped up with rolled-up bits of old newspaper, but there just wasn’t the time, honey. Sorry.


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Those are the most perfect boots I have ever seen. I am drooling over here in Ohio.

Comment by Annieytown

Pink box – Poste Mistress?

Comment by GreatSheElephant

This is a clip from the fetish website FemmeDom:

“I remember from years ago the pleasant smells of the traditional cobblers / shoe repairers. It reaked of that smell. Absolutely fantastic and so evocative.”

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Comment by Mark

UC you can probably get therapy for the shoe obsession youknow ;o)

And I do not recomend Retail therapy for it.:o)

Comment by Aginoth

I understand the love affair — those are great.

And I love the fake digging around in handbag in front of mirror trick!

Comment by Meegan

am i the only one who wants to know what mark said? it must have been very naughty to have been ejected…

Comment by surly girl

They’d go really well with tweed.

Comment by Stef the engineer

GSE: nay, carvela – but now you have brought my attention to said shop, i will have to visit (obviously)

SG: he posted his comment twice, silly old thing (t’ain’t nothing sinister, you conspiracy theorist, you)

Comment by Urban Chick

ooh – have you never been to Poste Mistress? Be prepared to sink serious dosh. Best shoe shop in London although I do rather dislike the stuffed cat in the corner.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

Nice. I want them in black. Can we arrange that please?

mudfx – making things look muddier than they really are. Committees.

Comment by Justine

Wow, suede is the best shoe/boot fabric ever. I recently bought two pairs of suede shoes at once – a pair of turquoise suede slingbacks with kitten heels and little suede bows on the front and a pale green pair of suede t-bar 20’s style high heels, perfect with a floaty tea dress. Sigh. And they were both in the sale.

Comment by Fifi

oh dear lord, get a room. actually, very happy to see you’ve found true love. In leather ♥ xoxo

Comment by mireille

Poor Mr. Chick. Usurped by a pair of boots. 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

No Chick is Urban without some saucy boots.

So jealous of the beautiful boots. I, too, would have difficulty not stroking the lovely suedishness of them.

Comment by Whinger

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