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Another fashion trend passes UC by
October 22, 2005, 10:38 am
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So tweed is back. I love tweed. But why do I just know that if I wear tweed, I will end up looking like Miss Marple?


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I suggest avoiding the hat and the buttoned up aspect. That might help. Purchase your tweed from Chanel too. I do think tweed is rather last year though darling – you’re supposed to be wearing black this year.

This year, I’m wearing cats’ hair. Just like every year in fact.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

I think you could pull it off, UC. And tweed would go so well with this blog.

Comment by Meegan

LOL, I’m wearing cathair, too:)
Actually, I’m seeing lots of black, too–and brown, coupled with rosy colors, lately…

Comment by actonbell

The problem with tweed is you cannot get it wet, rain for instance is a big no no.


Well part of the production process for real tweed involves the use of Urine as a fixative for the dyes in teh cloth, and no amount of washing will remove minute traces of this process from the material.

When it gets wet you smell of tinkle…the posher the tweed, and the more tradionally made, the worse it will be.

Comment by Aginoth

… looking like Miss Marple … smelling of wee … no wonder every autumn, without fail,the fashion industry declares that tweed is definitely it, no, REALLY, this year, again. How are they ever going to flog the stuff?

What’s with all the tweed shorts and half mast trousers? Older readers may remember Gilbert O’Sullivan …

Comment by Betty

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