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October 20, 2005, 12:52 pm
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…”I don’t believe in cliches”
There is a little cliche somewhere that falls down dead.

Not so last Friday when I took a guided tour of the Scottish Parliament.

The tour group consisted of me, an elderly American couple and two dozen Scottish pensioners. Without exception, the UK pensioners tut-tutted at every given opportunity and moaned along the lines of:

‘Would this no’ look better in Barcelona?’
‘It’s no’ a Scottish building!’
‘Aye, we canny get rid o’ the numpties that work in here, can we?’

Who liked the building? Me, the 30-something self-professed urban chick and the (70-something?) modernity-loving Americans. (With whom, afterwards, I lunched as we talked in hushed tones about our mutual dislike of mock Tudor and wotnot.)

Felt semi-vindicated as, the following day, the Parliament won the RIBA Stirling prize. Hee hee.

Click here to read the poem written by Edwin Morgan, Scotland’s Makar (poet laureate), to commemorate the official opening of the parliament on 9 October 2004. And click here for images of the new Parliament building.


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Silly Scottish pensioners. It’s no’ an English building, right enough, but the photo at least makes it look very evocative of Old Town tenement style architecture.

This word verification thing is having a laugh. Sucokmz fer goodness sake? Well, sucokmz to small minded Scottish grannies.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

Och, I canna like it lassie.

Sorry honey, this building is gross IMHO. I’m with the little grannies 🙂


Comment by Kyahgirl

Well, I love it !!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

I think it’s amazing, but I do tend toward the modern architecture.

Hurrah for you and aging Americans.

Comment by Whinger

A nest of fearties is what they do not want.
A symposium of procrastinators is what they do not want.
A phalanx of forelock-tuggers is what they do not want.
And perhaps above all the droopy mantra of ‘it wizny me’ is
what they do not want.

And when Scotland’s reform — architectural and otherwise — is complete, please come to the U.S.


I do love the Scottish accent. And don’t tell kyahgirl, but she has a bit of it in her own voice. b’gorrah.

Comment by mireille

The building is unique and very appealing .. I like it!

UC I have enjoyed my visit here to day .. and caught up on some of the back post.

By the way — I love the bag as mcuh as them there shoes on your feet!

Comment by Liquidplastic

UK pensioners – best in the world! Their motto is: complain or die! Although they are very possibly right that the building would look better in Barcelona. Most things would.

Comment by Wyndham

oooh, that’s one cool building!

And I wanted to thank you for the Rene Marie recommendation–I got Vertigo and like it very much. Quite a different rendition of Blackbird, too!

Comment by actonbell

I think it looks a very cool building- though I have no doubt at all my Scottish granny would have hated it were she still around.

She was quite big on the hating. She was once thrown out of a cinema for shouting “warmonger” at Winston Churchill when he appeared in a news reel. Bless her curmudgeonly soul.

Comment by Make Tea Not War

It’s fabulous!

Comment by Crabbi

Oh, you’ve got to agree with them about getting rid of the numpties ‘though. What civic building wouldn’t be vastly improved by kicking out its inhabitants, and leaving it to be patrolled by pigeons and foxes (and lions and tigers and bears and deer and, and, and… Well, even slugs, quite frankly. (*))

And no discussion of the Scottish parliament, regardless of how appealing it looks, should pass without mention of the slight overspend on the original projected cost, hmmm? Final cost, £431M. Original estimate “under £40M.” Might well have a slight bearing on curmudgeonly opinion? Given that background, a building would have to be pretty blooming impressive to win me over. (**)

(*) Any creature that deals with mating by shooting darts into its mate, without regard to opposite sexes (hermaphroditic), dating, presents or anniversaries is worthy of some respect.
(**) We’re talking holodecks, turbolifts and at least one throneroom, with real diamonds (+).

(+) Yes, all over-run with animals. I like the image, anyway.

Comment by Stef the engineer

I’m backing your taste over the pensioners any day! Just emailed you my address. E-speak soon.XX

Comment by Yidchick

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