My salad dressing days

UC in her wilder days
October 17, 2005, 5:42 pm
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When I wasn’t impersonating Albert Einstein, I was busy writing essaylets like this:

The Hodgkins lived in the suburbs of Yorkshire. They lived in a semi-detached house, which cost them £4. They used a mangle to squeeze the water out of the clothes. Instead of a washing machine they used a copper which moved the clothes around. Instead of calling a radio they call it a wireless. They didn’t have a car. Their children were called Avril who is eight, Jimmy who is fourteen, Patricia who is twelve and Edward who is two. Edward VIII wanted to marry a divorced lady but it was not suitable for a King to marry a divorced lady, so he let his brother take the throne. He wanted to marry a lady called Mrs Simpson. They heard the news on the wireless. That day Avril didn’t have to go to school because their [sic – ouch] was a disease going round her class. She stayed at home and helped her mother*.

* no doubt Avril was helping her mother persuade the policeman to move their clothes around so she could put them through the mangle


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oh yes, I like that bit about the mangle. heh. xoxo

Comment by mireille

My Nan used to have a mangle, we used to torture our toys with it when we we’re kids, squished Matchbox cars a plenty

Comment by Aginoth

my granny had one in the “washing room”. odd.

and i wish i’d kept stuff from school. or rather, i wish my mother hadn’t systematically thrown everything away for twelve years. witch.

Comment by surly girl

Cute! I wish I still had some of my “writing” from that age. Chucked it all out years ago.

When we moved to Nice, in 1962, there still was a lavoir around the corner from where we lived, with women beating clothes, scrubbing them on boards and using a mangle. It was so “picturesque”.

Comment by Bela

Very cute — and great photo!

Comment by Meegan

It is a rare talent who can discuss moving clothes with copper and giving up the throne all in one short essay.

Well done to your little self.

Comment by Whinger

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