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‘In Urb’s World’: Manifesto Pledge #2
October 7, 2005, 11:50 am
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Once we have met the basic needs of the world’s citizens, I plan to implement the following policy immediately:

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I am currently in discussions with Messrs Choo and Blahnik, both of whom are considering this initiative as part of their respective annual corporate social responsibility reviews.

[Incidentally, the baseline tracking research and private polling I have commissioned are both looking very promising. It seems the electorate are quite taken* with the spontaneous synchronised dancing pledge. I really couldn’t be more thrilled.]

* 89% of respondents admitted to being ‘really quite swept away’ by the idea and 93% of respondents agreed that ‘free dance lessons would be a definite enticement to switching their vote’


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Definition of “fabulous shoes?”

I have a second hand pair of Teva sandals I class as this, but which wifey refers to as “you’re not wearing those.”

One person’s style guru is another person’s fashion nazi. Who would, I guess, have really, really trendy uniforms. And great boots.

Comment by Stef the engineer

Only one pair? And as Stef says, who defines ‘fabulous’?

I might consider voting for shoe vouchers – perhaps 30 fabulous pairs a year would do, with me choosing.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

uniforms? wot? men IN uniforms?

this is a fabulous idea – will pass it onto the blue sky team

i feel a public consultation round coming on…

Comment by Urban Chick

Men? Who mentioned men? I see them more as that couple off the telly, whatever they’re called. Trinny and Tranny? Only in Gaultier inspired military chic, with far too many fastenings. Sort of like this:

(Commenting with a blog reference! Sorry.)

Comment by Stef the engineer

can i have the pink vans i found online this morning? or the silver faith shoes that i desperately wanted to get for the summer ball but that didn’t fit me and then bloody orlaith wore them all summer on big brother? bitch.

Comment by surly girl

Can mine be ballet slippers? And since they require less creative work and leather, can I have ten pairs in various colors? TIA! xoxo

Comment by mireille

Mmmmm…free fabulous shoes. Think how enthusiastically everyone would line up for THAT. Or perhaps this would be best accomplished by mail.

Logistics aside, I’m ready to vote for you as world leader.

Comment by Whinger

I second that vote. UC for world leader!

Comment by Meegan

I’m with GSE… Just the one?!?!?!

I shall have to consider this long and hard. One pair of shoes would not get me through one day… But you’re definitely on the right lines. Maybe you could sell the “one fabulous pair of shoes for everyone” idea to the Tory party… God knows they need something inspirational…

Comment by Hannah

What, only one pair? BWAAAAAAAA Please, we must have a MINIMUM of 25 pairs each and at least 10 of them must be ultra fab.

Comment by KGrams

this is something you really should send on to the Red Cross for their consideration.

Comment by Justine

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