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‘In Urb’s World’: Manifesto Pledge #1
October 6, 2005, 10:49 am
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After establishing world peace and eliminating poverty and all other forms of suffering, I would institute the following:

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I’ll admit that this is perhaps a might ambitious, but where there’s a will…

[I have a pilot scheme running RIGHT NOW in the form of a children’s TV programme set in one of our major cities…the dancing isn’t up to much YET, but we’re getting there…]

Update (7/10/05): Just taken a call each from Mick Jagger and David Bowie’s agents. They’d be willing to re-release ‘Dancing in the street’ and sing it live at the launch of our poster campaign. Mick’s agent said: ‘Mick feels very strongly about outdoor dancing – I just know he will back this!’ Wow. I am truly humbled.


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sponstaneous AND synchronised – I think we need more detail please Mrs Chick

Comment by GreatSheElephant

let it never be said that i am not politically ambitious

there is a lot of complexity here, i agree, but fear not: i have my blue sky team thinking (outside the proverbial box) on it as i type

suffice it to say that i have enlisted the services of lord birt…

Comment by Urban Chick

That closing sequence is the reason why I tend to avoid Birmingham city centre. That and the custard pies.

Comment by Wyndham

I’ll be up for it! (Gotta work off these kilijoules from that dry rice cracker I just had from my fascist kiddy diet…)

Comment by Justine

I bet the need for antidepressants would almost completely go away if we had spontaneous dancing.

Comment by Whinger

what if i, sorry, if my friend can’t dance?

Comment by surly girl

SG: with the money i save the NHS in anti-depressant medication (as pointed out by W), i will be funding free dance classes for all

that’s right: dancing for the many, not the few

which is how it should be (of course)

Comment by Urban Chick

How important is the sychronized part? I’m up for dancing, anytime, anywhere but if you want me to synchronize,….it could spell trouble!

Comment by Kyahgirl

can we please not do that dicky irish dancing where you have to jump up and down and keep your arms stuck to your sides. otherwise, ok then, you can rule the world.

Comment by spindleshanks

Yes, I will need to know what kind of dancing we’re talking about before I commit to anything.

Comment by Meegan

Great Lost Literature of the World:

The complete manual of Irish dancing, Volume II: Bringing in the Arms

Believe me, there isn’t enough money you could save to teach me to both dance, and be in time with someone else.

Comment by Stef the engineer

This would be even more entertaining if folk were made to wear lots of lycra and legwarmers and carry large musical instruments with them. I can picture it now: all those young, vibrant people, bursting from school onto the busy streets where their enthusiasm for the dance stops the traffic. Music comes from nowhere, they’re dancing on top of cars, singing out of windows!

What a wonderful, wonderful vision of joy and love of life.

But wait, around the corner awaits a very dark, very heavy, moderately powerful Nissan. Behind the wheel is a miserable cow who doesn’t care for such nonsense. She is hungry, tired and she just wants to get home for her tea.

My manifesto pledge: world peace and no delays to evening meals.

Comment by Sniffy

it is so exhilirating to see so many of you getting behind this pledge

and tina: a kids from fame dance around an urban foundation scene is precisely what me and my blue sky team had in mind when we thrashed this idea out at a brainstorm last year

great minds, eh?

Comment by Urban Chick

good lord: of course, i meant FOUNTAIN (not foundation)

[we’ve also been working on our NHS pledge so my brain is chock full of key words such as ‘foundation hospitals’ – to which we are opposed, you might be interested to learn]

word veri: dxcoito = hmmmmm…

Comment by Urban Chick

Restructure the NHS from its very foundations: the patients who use it and the people who work in it. Make them work together to embrace a sense of ownership and pride in this venture instead of it being seen as a burden by some and an excuse to abrogate personal responsibility by others.

We need to see where our money is spent (wasted) and we need value for money in order that the NHS can work in the 21st century. It’ll be defunct within the decade otherwise.

Oh and yes, it needs compulsory dancing for joy by all stakeholders.

Who was it that was whinging on about long word verifications??? Pot? Kettle???

ykivvjmm to you too!

Comment by Sniffy

oh honey, you really DO miss corporate life, don’t you? That “thinking out of the box” team thing gave it away. But I love your concepts. go, urbgirl, go! xoxo

Comment by mireille

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