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Blog Envy
October 5, 2005, 12:08 pm
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My name is Urban Chick. I am thirty [mumbles] years old. I have Blog Envy.

During the days and weeks* when I was cruelly locked out of the bloggosphere, I surfed around some very cute-looking blogs. Blogs with fancy, off-template designs, blogs with original artwork by the blogger (*sigh*), blogs where even the words looked nicer than my words, blogs with fabulous photos and wotnot.

So when I got back into my own blog, I was filled with hatred for the pinkness of it, with the Thisaway or Thataway or Whateverway Rose template, by the lack of stunning photos/artwork, by the boringness of my typeface.

I started to think how I could jolly things up a bit. OK, so if Dooce takes pictures everyday with her Nikon D70, maybe I could stretch to a daily drawing with the chicklets’ crayons…

Posted by Picasa

**imagines strapline to appear in sidebar: ‘I sketch every day with jumbo-sized, unswallowable Crayola crayons, although not the navy blue one since Chicklet #2 bit the end off it’**

Hmmm. Maybe not. Maybe this all goes to show why I got a ‘C’ in my ‘O’ Grade Art.

My mind flipped again: it shouldn’t matter what my blog looks like if the words are good to read. Y’know, book by its cover and all that. I should work on my writing style and to hell with the crayons. Yes!


I want my blog to look cute. I want it to have the cyber equivalent of recently-coiffed hair, a made-up face (made up to look make-up-less, of course) and fabulous dress sense. Does this make me superficial?

You tell me:

Is it superficial to want to have a cute-looking blog?
Yes (like we needed confirmation that you were shallow)
No (you think anyone woulda read Shakespeare if his handwriting was vile?)
Free polls from

Oh, and does Lorraine Kelly do blog makeovers yet (**pens email in head to producer of LK Today**)?

* OK, hours – just felt like days and weeks


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… well the makeovers on LK Today usually involve a hefty lass emerging looking all
self-conscious in a strappy number designed for a willowy teenager, all while Lorraine coos “wooooow, look at yoooooouu, you look GREEEEAT!!!” Now you don’t want the blog equivalent of that, do you?

Comment by Betty

well, I’m a lot older than you and I have blog envy too. Can’t think of anything to write. My life is devoid of amusing incidents. All I want to do is whinge. And I haven’t even figured out how to post pictures.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

Hey UC, no it’s not superficial to want a cute-looking blog, but I DO think your blog is “cute.” But yeah, I know what you mean about feeling envy for those who have their own fancy-schmancy designs. Why don’t you ditch your Spanish lessons and take web design? I love your picture, btw!

Comment by Meegan

but i love you just the way you are….

and if you LK Today your blog i’ll feel even more inadequate.

Comment by surly girl

Forget blogs – what about the beige box that you type all that inspiration into – your PC, that barely has the will to live?

Ditch it!

But what then?, you ask.

Apple, is the answer.

Hello my name is Mark and I’m an ex-Windows user. Hooray. Going to the Apple centre yesterday, to buy the beautiful bundle of tricks that is my glossy iBook, was like going to a rock concert; they are so excited about what is happening in there!

So if you must have a web-lifestyle, or even want to have one, then break from the herd, seek out your individuality, and do it with style!

PS Actually, I’m told that Apple browsers can play havoc with websites!

Comment by Mark

Last year I had three templates on my primary blog three times. And had two for my secondarry blog before I deleted it out of total neglect. I am not the primary on my present secondary blog and therefore it’s safe from my machinations.
I also have a secret blog that only one person knows about, but I’ve used the template before.
Btw, I think yours is quite snazzy.

Comment by Nigel Patel

UC, get over it.
Its cute enough. I come for the company, the content and now the art.
You worry too much.
p.s. congrats on figuring out how to insert a poll. I couldn’t do that. See how smart you are?

Comment by Kyahgirl

It’s not superficial to want cuteness, but sometimes it’s a pain in the butt. Partner is a web designer, and I’ve been sitting on my hands until she can get her paws on my design.

Comment by Whinger

Your blog is an expression of you. If you feel pink, keep it pink. Don’t worry about wha anyone else thinks. That’s the beauty of self-expression. It’s all about you.

Comment by United We Lay

I’m impressed by the insertion of poll too (ahem).

Look, I think a clear blog’s a good blog. Some of them are so fancy schmantzy it takes irritating seconds to load up and then they’re hard to read.

Clarity is everything. Yours hits the spot.

(thankyou for your mention of my delightful wedding antics on your blog btw, some of your friends have dropped in to say howdy…)


Comment by Ova Girl

I’m with the poll girls – i don’t even know where to find those “tick this circle” circles on my computer let alone then stick them into a blog. what else could anyone want?

Comment by spindleshanks

I have the blog envy too. I like your blog the way it is, but if you want someone to redesign it for you, I think this guy does good work.

Comment by Kate

I like pink!

Makes all the boys wink!


Comment by AdAm

Fancy designs sometimes detract from the message. Actually, Blogger templates are not the most user-friendly. It would be easier if one could use straightforward html.

What’s wrong with pink? 🙂

Comment by Bela

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