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Cyber-Coventry, dust mites and friendship
October 4, 2005, 11:00 am
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In case you wondered, the lull in my posts was due to my being frozen out of Blogger for almost 24 hours. This sent me into a mild, paranoic panic (of course), but I was back in before the end of the day yesteday. Phew.

On the upside, I spent the day (well, bits of it) reading other blogs, including this post, which was incredibly funny and moving. Which reminds me: must Google Kahlil Gibran teatowel…

Otherwise, I’ve been busy detaching chicklets from my trouser legs as well as pinning them down and shooting infant paracetomol and ibuprofen down their throats.

Oh, and Mr Chick is on a mission to exterminate dust mites. If he’s not encasing mattresses and pillows in dust mite proof bags, he’s hoovering curtains or surfing the DFS website for leather furniture. I fully expect him to arrive home from work looking like one of the scientists who invades Elliott’s home in E.T.

And finally. My dear friend Mark published his book ‘The Philosophy of Friendship’ last week. Available in all good bookshops and all that…


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It’s alarming, isn’t it, the amount one can get done when Blogger’s down…?!

Personally, I’m of the opinion that if we were meant to get so much done every day, then days would have evolved to be about a squillion hours longer than they are presently. Stops me feeling guilty…

Comment by Hannah

I think Mr. Chick’s hoovering should be encouraged. HAVE YOU SEE THOSE BLOWNUP PHOTOS OF DUSTMITES? They could be the cause of the snots: maybe you’re having allergic reaction. Go, Mr. Chick, go! xoxo

Comment by mireille

24 hours without Blogger?! Wow, UC.

And congrats to your friend Mark! That’s so exciting.

Comment by Meegan

I was similarly prompted to encase all bedding in dust-mite-proof bags after watching a dust mite nature show as it freaked me right out.

But the dust-mite-free pillow covers always make the REAL pillow cases slide around. And so I gave up.

Comment by Whinger

I tested positive on the allergy test for ‘house dust mite’. Isnt’ that special. How the hell are you supposed to get rid of those bloody things?

I went and read ova girl’s blog. Thanks for the link UC. She’s an excellent writer.


Comment by Kyahgirl

I though Montaigne wrote “On Friendship”.

Comment by United We Lay

montaigne wrote ‘oF friendship’

and i know that ’cause i just googled him!

Comment by Urban Chick

I used to work somewhere that had an active dust-mite breeding programme. Tricky little buggers to keep alive, you know. If you want them out of beds, make sure they’re kept unmade, and the bedding is exposed to light and fresh air as much as possible. Get rid of your carpets – no matter what vacuum cleaner you use, you will never get all of the mites & mite poo (what people are actually allergic to) out.

Comment by Stef the engineer

Glad that there’s almost as much interest in friendship as in dust mites!

Montaigne did write ‘On Friendship’, including such sublime aphorisms on soul friendship as ‘We were one soul in two bodies’ and ‘If you ask me why I’d only say because I was I and he was he’.

On the other hand, he thought women only capable of inferior friendship and even men will only manage to form soul friendships about once every 3 centuries – and guess what, his soul friendship was one!

Comment by Mark

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