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Oklahoma at its most steamy
September 30, 2005, 12:31 pm
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By far and away my favourite cover of ‘Surrey with the fringe on top’ is that by US jazz singer Rene Marie. Who would have thought that such a jaunty, twee-sounding little number could end up so slow and sultry?

From her website: ‘Rene is proof that sound is what gives meaning to words and music is what gives feeling to hearing…’

Click here to listen to sample tracks from the album ‘Vertigo’.


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jazz makes me itchy. i’m more of a metal* sort of girl.

*that’s “metal” not “mental”. thank you.

Comment by surly girl

Thank you for the recommendation–I’m appreciating jazz more and more these days, but don’t know enough about it.

Comment by actonbell

*whisper* my father was from Oklahoma and I was born in Kansas right next door *continued whisper* it’s not very hip OR steamy there. *whisper* they’re very repressed. *continued whisper* so I’m glad she made it out. xoxo

Comment by mireille

Excuse me, but I live in Oklahoma!

And while I agree that it is not hip and not steamy – I am far from repressed – thank you!

It’s O – pressed. And I am dying to make it out, too.

Comment by Shopping Diva

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