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Ms Chick, go to the back of the class
September 29, 2005, 11:13 am
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It’s my second Spanish class this evening and I haven’t done my homework.

Which is rather pathetic given that my ‘homework’ was a mini-crossword, peppered with the occasional give-us-a-clue letter containing ALL the words we learnt at the last class (seven).

**la?? (Clue: ‘A greeting’) Hmmm…

And I have decided that whenever anyone asks ‘Que tal?*’, quite regardless of how I am really feeling, I will always say ‘estupendamente’ because it is so fabulous to say (es-too-pend-a-men-tay! SIX WHOLE SYLLABLES! beat that, French!). Although I might sometimes say ‘fatal’ and roll my eyes, just for dramatic effect.

The problem with taking night classes and hanging out in your local community college is that you come across all manner of courses you wish you had taken instead. As I walked up to my classroom last week, there was a photo display on the wall of handbags made by the fashion and sewing class. Wowee!

Having not actually enrolled at the time, I came home and told Mr Chick how I was considering a last minute switch. His response:

‘So you do the sewing course and you what? Make three or four handbags? What are you going to do with that many handbags?’

Has he learnt nothing these past thirteen years?


Oh, and I think I’m already a big hit with my teacher, who asked what the Basque region was famous for. ‘Terrorists!’ I yelled. ‘Yes, that’s right, my home region is known for its nationalist movement.’

* revised following glaring linguistic error spotted by Jenny (hey! I’ve only been going for a week!) – this renders some of the llama jokes in the comments rather redundant – sorry, chaps…


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“Como te llamas?”
How are your llamas?

Are they a common Spanish pet?

And is the Basque region known for its underwear?

I feel a phrasebook/guidebook coming on…

Comment by Stef the engineer

my llamas are very well, thank you

nice of you to ask

and me? well, i’m estupendamente, thanks

as for the underwear, i think that would be the nether region (border with portugal) – their nationalist movement is seeking to convert all spaniards to the way of the y-front

Comment by Urban Chick

What about the French “Incomparablement”?

Comment by The Ol' Rooster

small person can say hello, goodbye, please and thank you in spanish. i can say “excuse me, how do i get to the tram stop?” in cherman.

we are linguistical geniuses, us.*

*that doesn’t extend to english, obviously

Comment by surly girl

Dónde está la más cercana tienda de zapato?

Comment by the plate invigilator

and i smell of pub. uurgh.

Comment by surly girl

Hee hee. The wonders of free web translation.

Comment by the plate invigilator

Yo olor de bar. (In case you were wondering.)

Comment by the plate invigilator

¿Nunca tenga inconveniente en eso, qué tal mi disfraz de disfraz?

again with the free translation….

Comment by surly girl

of course, that translates back as “Never have objection in that, how my disguise of disguise? “, but you get my drift.

carry on.

Comment by surly girl

Tremendous. With access to such a fabulously accurate web-based solution, I fail to see the need for evening classes…UC please take note.

I’m off to whack a pinata. But should I get a donkey-shaped one, or a star?? The frustration!

Comment by the plate invigilator

Hee! I think you mean if someone asks, “Como estas?” “Como te llamas” means “What’s your name?” :-).

Comment by Jenny G

*looks admiringly at UC*
Can’t believe you have the energy for night classes. Way to go.

…but you do have strange taste in pets 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

Oh good for Jenny G! I was doubting my high school Spanish and the four phrases I got out of it.

I also remember all the verb forms of “to dance.”

Comment by Whinger

Woah – your beginners’ class is *way* more advanced than my intermediate class. I’m clearly at the wrong college. Again.

Comment by patroclus

Oh good luck! Spanish can be so fun to speak (to learn is not quite so fun). Of course, I took it in high school, and the first thing I learned was all the swear words and dirty phrases. If any of your friends know Span. make sure they teach them to you.

Comment by katiedid

Oh wait – I need to add one tip. Be careful of the context when you use the word “juevos.” I learned the hard way when I was talking to a friend about what I’d like to eat when I came over for brunch, and I said “Quiero juevos!” And after that, my new nickname from her was “Juevos.” You see, juevos is slang for a certain part of the male anatomy. I did not know.

Comment by katiedid

my mister learned spanish at secondary school about a million years ago and remembers every word – indeed is irritatingly fluent. i learned spanish at secondary school the same number of million years ago and remember how to say the cat is black and i have much hunger.
is this so you can go on spanish holiday?

Comment by spindleshanks

I wanna take a Spanish course! We’ve been to Mexico several times, but I’ve picked up very little.

yeah, I have lots of purses, too, and my hubby doesn’t understand, either.

Comment by actonbell

Do they have a class for making shoes to go with those handbags?

If so, I want to go too.

Husbands never seem to get the shoe and handbag thing. However, my can own a bagful of golf clubs and golf balls that he only uses a few months of the year. Go figure.

Comment by KGrams

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