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Post neoclassical endogenous growth theory
September 27, 2005, 9:00 am
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This week is the Labour party conference, so I thought it appropriate to give over some space on this blog to Important Economic Concepts.

In contrast to the older neoclassical growth theory, endogenous growth theory argues that policy measures can have an impact on the long-run growth rate of an economy, even if they do not change the aggregate savings rate. [Courtesy of Wilkipedia]

Well, indeed.

A close second in my Top Ten Economic Concepts is:

The Chancellor of the Exchequer.

The current incumbent is none other than the Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP.

His dark, brooding, Heathcliffian looks have helped economic concepts (such as his much-loved Prudence) reach parts of the female population that Alan Greenspan could only dream of. He is Scottish (think: thrift – who wouldn’t want a Scot twiddling with their pursestrings?) and when he mumbles his lower jaw shoots around in a gravity-defying display of mandibular acrobatics. He’s blind in one eye (the result of a teenage rugby injury – only adding to The Swoon Factor) and tall, awf’lly tall. He is an undisputed champion of the Third World (and looked very handsome in a white linen shirt on a recent visit to Africa) although, domestically speaking, I fancy he is something of a control freak and would run the nation’s public services from his front room given half the chance. Oh, and he’s tipped to take over from Tony.

However, I cannot vouch for his taste in shoes (but I’m keeping an eye out).


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not the best photo I’ve seen of the swoonsome one. I like him when he smiles. Oooh – comes over all funny

wcvoomov – explosive fart

Comment by GreatSheElephant

I wish our politicians had swoon factor. Yuck factor, rage factor, not-even-if-he-were-the-last-guy-on-Earth factor, we’ve got plenty of those. Mostly we just have slime factor.

He does have a nice smile. πŸ™‚

Comment by GodlessMom

ooh. Just ooh

Comment by GreatSheElephant

am i missing summat fundamental here?

and where have the comments from yesterday’s post gone?

what a confusing sort of day.

Comment by surly girl

Please, please, please, please tell me you’re joking. I’ve come this far without having my crown for Worst Taste In Men, Ever! removed, but I feel there may be a challenge in the offing…

Comment by Hannah

what are you saying, H? the man is Cute with a capital ‘C’

SG: s’mysterious innit? heh

Comment by Urban Chick

He is not even Presentable with a capital P. Pull yourself together. Suggest a bucket of cold water and a Gammel Danske (horrible Danish alcoholic pick-me-up) and maybe some ECT…

Comment by the plate invigilator

TPI: alcoholic pick-me-ups invariably have the effect of throwing me down (a nearby flight of stairs), so i shall steer clear

but thanks for the tip

Comment by Urban Chick

A lot of women rate Gordon, apparently. Meself, I have a thing about Alistair Campbell. Don’t normally like the complete bastard Alpha Male type, but in his case …

… Oh Christ. Stop looking at me. I’m just going, right?

Comment by Betty

Not my type I guess but to each her own! However, I do enjoy the little glimpses into your politics. Most of the blogs I read go on endlessly about American or Canadian politics. This is a refreshing change.

Yes, and where are the comments from the WWW post? I joined anyway, just to be difficult πŸ™‚


Comment by Kyahgirl

“reaching parts of the female population …” heh. xoxo

Comment by mireille

I think he must be one of those dudes who works his magic through charisma and not in photos, for he does nothing for me. But see, I understand that he’s the type that probably COULD if he were actually in motion on the teevee.

*sigh* We Americans are just shafted with GWB and Greenspan. Need new hot political blood!

Comment by Jonniker

Can’t stand him, anything about him, he is a creep. He’s a liar and a thief who has stolen from the working people of this country to fund his pet projects (and people with kids). It’s not his job to play the great philanthropist with the hard-earned cash of people who need every penny they work for.

I hate him and his useless party with a passion.

Comment by Sniffy

oi!! i’ve got kids! well, one anyway…would everybody prefer that i claimed my council flat and benefits, or that i carry on working for a living albeit with some tax credits to help with childcare?

rant over. carry on.

Comment by surly girl

I would perfer it if working childless people weren’t clobbered for tax to pay for everything of everybody else’s – specifically people who refuse to work who expect (and do get) their lifestyles to be funded by mugs like me. When do we get a break?

Brown is a useless tit and would’ve been sacked by now if he’d been in charge of a company’s finances. The country is so in the red after him selling stuff off and wasting our money that it’s actually very scary.

Comment by Sniffy

are we having a row? how exciting.

Comment by surly girl

this govt still continues to beat their predecessors hands down (yes, the ones who flogged our railways – OUR railways – at a cut down price so as we could never buy them back, the ones who presided over double figure interest rates, the ones who bonked their secretaries but told us all to get ‘back to basics’ and snuggle up in our nuclear families, the ones who introduced section 28…i could go on…)

Comment by Urban Chick

I so want to type “fight, fight, fight” at this point…

Can I also point out that if I’d done a post commenting on what a overall top looking bird, if a bit barmy at times, Oona King, for example, was, it might have been thought a tad sexist. Even ‘though true.

As for the government, have to side with Tina on (New) Labour (NL), AND UC on the Tories. Having paid taxes and used services under both, they are both rubbish. Sure, the Tories flogged the railways, but NL keeps them sold, and sold the skies as well. And no politician can claim high ground when it comes to preachy, hypocritical morality lectures. Brown’s one stroke of genius was to get rid of the difficult interest rate decision, and leave the hard stuff to the Bank of England.

A plague on all their houses.

(But Tina’s being too optimistic about the behaviour of large companies towards failed CFOs. They’re given large bonus payments, and a huge golden handshake.)

Comment by Stef the engineer

It’s not worth fighting over politics. People have different views, memories and priorities and you have to accept that when you’re a grown up.

But yes, New Labour’s record certainly does speak for itself – awful.


I cannot do those bloody word verification things!

Comment by Sniffy

“Can I also point out that if I’d done a post commenting on what a overall top looking bird, if a bit barmy at times, Oona King, for example, was, it might have been thought a tad sexist. Even ‘though true.”

who said we couldn’t have double standards? hey, there have to be *some* perks to being a woman

he he


etzcihy = how my nose feels right now

Comment by Urban Chick

Lordy, such a choice of smily Gordons. and to think I was feeling depressed.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

GSE: i’m coming over all conspiratorial since one smiley photo of gordy disappears every day hence the ever-changing image…

do his PRs not want us to think he can smile?

**arches eyebrow in sherlock holmes fashion**

Comment by Urban Chick

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