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Advice for Mark Austin
September 25, 2005, 7:40 pm
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Oh Mark, oh Mark,
It isn’t right
That you present the news each night.
You really should be
Hanging out
In places smote with war and drought.

You look far better
With a tan
Squatting on the back of a van,
Ducking to dodge
The mortar fire,
Wearing your camouflaged attire.

But stuck inside,
Wearing a suit?
It really just does not compute.
Hang up your tie!
Forget this racket!
And put back on your green flak jacket!

[For anyone who reads this and thinks ‘eh?’, click here.]


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Hear hear.

Comment by Hannah

you are so versatile, urbanchickadee! zockso!

Comment by mireille

he is quite dishy tho, isn’t he?

you can always count on me for some incisive evaluation.

Comment by surly girl

SG: well this is my point – his rugged good looks do not suit a life stuck in a studio on grays inn road – s’not right…

Comment by Urban Chick

maybe he’ll do the news in his open necked slightly rumpled white shirt – might not be so effective without sunset-over-thai-beach backdop of course. top poem – it might just persuade him..

Comment by spindleshanks

I think his bionic eye will be able to see through twaddle, and the bionic hearing will help pick up all sorts of extra news snippets, and…

Oh, MARK Austin.

Sorry to intrude ladies.
*shuffles slowly backwards*

Comment by Stef the engineer

sorry but squatting in the back of a van sounds a bit gross, conjures up kind of toilet activity which you don’t want to picture, even if it is Mark Austin.

Comment by suburban bantam

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