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Dilemma of the day
September 23, 2005, 11:37 am
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How can I get Chicklet #2 to eat custard/yoghurt/miscellaneous gloop without him insisting that he observe it sliding off the spoon from a great height as if this were some hitherto undiscovered scientific phenomenon?

And please don’t say ‘try a straw’ (’cause it doesn’t work).


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Strap him to the table directly beneath it. everyone wins.

Comment by Wyndham

Make him clean it up?

Comment by United We Lay

Imagine where we would be now if Issac Newton’s mum said to Mr Newton ‘Can you tell your son to stop p*issballing about under that apple tree?’

Comment by idelap

a little light threatening does the trick at surly towers. and it’s all about to become much more fun as christmas, with all it’s threatening-potential, looms.

Comment by surly girl

I don’t know. My children eat their food without a problem every time.

Comment by Mark

Freeze it in an ice tray. I bet he won’t want ice blocks dropping on his noggin.

Comment by Laura

no real suggestions here, just resign yourself to a mess and let him do it himself.

There’s a pretty funny visual in my head now.
thanks 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

how about not feeding it to chicklett#2? there are plenty of other things to eat

Comment by Anonymous

Gogurt comes in a tube, and Danimals you actually *could* drink from a straw. Don’t know your requirements on sugar, but most yogurts with any flavor have sugar.

Good luck!

Comment by cjblue

you can’t – it’s all a ghastly mess. floors with chicklets will never be clean – just don’t do the white glove test.

Comment by spindleshanks

Heh heh. I’m not the person to ask — I still enjoy playing with my food.

Comment by Meegan

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