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First in a series: what-was-I-thinking shoes
September 21, 2005, 8:06 am
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My wardrobe is chock full of shoes that fall into this category.

Let loose on the streets of Montreal one summer’s day in 1995, slightly jaded from a late night on the streets at the jazz festival, I hit upon these ridiculous, clumpfest blue suede excuses-for-shoes. And I did wear them, fleetingly, with a pair of faded, straight-legged (oooh, remember?) jeans. I liked the extra height but running for buses was out of the question. In fact, anything other than a leisurely saunter was out of the question.

Who or what can I blame for this purchase?

1. Mr Chick and his absence (he was busy doing the do at a conference – the reason for our trip). He would have said something desperately sensible like: you will never wear them. Don’t buy them. I would have sulked for the rest of the afternoon but thanked him (secretly inside my head) later on.
2. The stupendously fantastic exchange rate. I forget, but at the time it was something like five squillion Canadian dollars to the pound.
3. The exotic allure of Buying Shoes In A Foreign Country. Always fall prey to this one.

Anyhoo, still got ’em. Can’t part with ’em. Dunno why.


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i have to say, they look fairly well-worn to me…i’ve got your number – we all say they’re fine and you’re validated in still wearing them every single day.


Comment by surly girl

god, those are awful.
say good-bye.

Comment by Anonymous

Could it be that you still have them because they act as reminder every time you see them of when “Shopping For Shoes Goes Wrong”

Comment by Jane

Oh dear oh dearie me!!
That is NOT what I have come to expect from you, Mrs Chick!

Comment by Justine

Stick ’em on ebay….Prince might buy them!

Comment by idelap

I have shoes similar to those (brown leather though, not blue suede!) that I wore a few weeks ago, and my boyfriend asked me why I was wearing them. If my boyfriend questions a style choice, I know it must be pretty bad! They’re comfortable and easy to put on though!

Comment by Jenny G

Ah, ’95. Many a chunky heel was purchased and worn with a straight leg jean.

Comment by Whinger

I’m honestly howling. The shoes, your description, the whole thing. It’s honestly flat-out hilarious.

And yes, Mr Jonniker often prevents me from buying something and I get pissy and sulk, but later? Oh, later. I’m so grateful for his grumpiness.

Comment by Jonniker

I can remember when platforms were massive (in all senses of the word) as a little kid in the early ’70s and looking longingly at stack heeled monstrosities in shop windows before my mum dragged me off to Clarks to get something drab, flat and suitable for a nine year old. When they came back in circa the early ’90’s, I bought some and forgot to apply the rule that you should never wear something if you can remember the last time it was in fashion. Still, I am the personification of mutton dressed as lamb, so it’s only to be expected.

Comment by Betty

Well UC, at the risk of embarrassing myself, I like them. I could see kyahgirl wearing something like that. Yes indeed.

No accounting for taste I guess.

Comment by Kyahgirl

kyahgirl and I are in the same boat: I can see myself wearing them, too. I have never been able to manage heels that aren’t platform, so to me those just look cute.

Comment by katiedid

Probably not…But it can be a good description if we ever meet up..
Urban chick “faux-whatever” platform…

Comment by Alexa

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