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Jeremy, give me a sign
September 19, 2005, 8:13 am
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How about the sign takes the form of putting Simple Minds’ ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ on your playlist this week (but not Wednesday, please, because I’m out on Wednesday…well, OK, so long as it’s before 1pm).

[I only ask because I NEED TO HEAR THAT TUNE and I’m too scared to download it from Kazaa after that teenager’s mother was jailed for her daughter’s breach of copyright law and I haven’t the beginnings of an idea of how to access Mr Chick’s iTunes…]

That will more than make up for all the emails I’ve sent in to the show that you haven’t read out.

I’m listening…

**cocks ear**

P.S. I’m sorry about the photo. It’s the best I could manage with a Moderate SafeSearch on Google Images.

Later: so I ask for ‘Don’t You’ and you give me ‘Home’, J? I’m sorry but if that’s a sign, it’s a rather half-baked one, if you don’t mind me saying. I mean, yes, SM have a new album out, but you could have plugged that and STILL played ‘Don’t You’. And you couldn’t even stretch to ‘Oliver’s Army’? I’m hurt. **sniffs pathetically**


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Ah, but the JV Show isn’t a request show, is the problem, surely.

That and the fact that Jeremy appears to be pinned against the wall by a hundre weight of books…

Comment by Wyndham

so without the safe search would we have been subjected to a picture of mr v in the altogether?

hurray for parental controls.

Comment by surly girl

WTT: but he could make an exception just this once, surely…i don’t want to have to move onto ken bruce (i have STANDARDS, y’know)

SG: oh, the thought…thing is, my respect for mr vine runs deep: he’s intelligent, his erstwhile reporting from south africa was second-to-none and he has a penchant for nice jumpers (see google images on a moderate safesearch)

jeremy: OK, two songs in and nada (katie melua? katie melua?)…i will settle for ‘oliver’s army’ from mr costello – just want you to know i can be flexible

Comment by Urban Chick

Ah, poor old Ken. It’s gripping radio – particularly Popmasters!

Comment by Wyndham

I have no such qualms about illegal downloads, and am even now obtaining it via Soulseek (yeah, you have to find me first, RIAA). Have you got broadband? If so, I’ll send it along by email. Oliver’s Army too if you like, though my current Costello-nostalgia favourite is I’m Not Angry – oo, that’s such a great song.

Comment by patroclus

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