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Having a Martha Stewart moment
September 19, 2005, 1:58 pm
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Yes, that’s right. I’ve been done for insider trading of my own Blogshares and now I’m holed up in cyber-jail (well, the second bit figures and explains some of my poor output these past few days…since my murderous cellmate hacked into my Blogger dashboard).

Sorry, I digress.

With autumn upon us, I find myself thinking about the squash family and specifically, my squash of choice: the butternut squash.

What better way to warm up from the inside out than with a creamy butternut squash soup? (Well, OK, mulled wine works too but it’s not acceptable to drink mulled wine at 12.30pm, is it? It is? Oh…[ransacks larder for cinnamon and cloves]).

So, here you go, my little chickadees:

2 medium onions
3 tablespoons butter
1 medium/large butternut squash (peeled, seeded and diced)
1 apple
3 tablespoons flour
1 teaspoon curry powder
pinch of nutmeg
1 – 1.5 pints chicken/vegetable stock
1 pint milk
1 orange (juice and rind)
salt and pepper
cream and parsley (to decorate)

1. Soften onions in butter then add squash, apple and fry for a few minutes.
2. Remove from heat and add flour, curry powder and nutmeg.
3. Slowly add stock, milk and orange juice and rind.
4. Return to heat, bring to boil, simmer until vegetables tender.
5. Blend until smooth then season.
6. Serve with dash of cream and chopped parsley.


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YUM…can’t wait for soup weather. I will definitely come back for this recipe.

Comment by Meegan

really, re blogshares? ahhh, UC, my little felon. xoxo oh, and thanks for the soup.

Comment by mireille

An apple and an orange, eh? That’s a great idea, must try it.

My own favourite involves half a celeriac, an equal amount of butternut, plus a few carrots. Enough stock to cover, and no need for any additional liquids unless to loosen the soup a little before blending.

Love squashes also. Top post.

Comment by Pashmina

the ex, although a twat with poor regard for personal hygiene, had a way with a squash (after i’d made him wash his hands of course). mmm, butternut squash stuffed with chili and baked in foil….

goodness i’m hungry. bah – diet…

lasdq: stock exchange for lazy people

Comment by surly girl

You are making me very, very sorry I moved away from soup weather. But I think I shall make it anyway! Thank you thank you!

Comment by Jonniker

Thanks Cybill that’s a great sounding recipe – struggled to find a good one for squash.

Comment by atypicalpen

Mmmmm– autumnal food!
That is Cybill – she played Martha in the movie about her. I read recently that she’s worried what Martha thinks about how she was portrayed. I’m pretty sure Martha doesn’t care as long as her apple pie turned out well today.

Comment by Whinger

thanks, whinger: i *knew* it was cybill…who else could that smile belong to other than maddie from ‘moonlighting’? ah…

Comment by Urban Chick

Yippee, a really good recipe for squash soup!! Curry is one of my (many) downfalls. Well, perhaps, downfall is too strong a word. Toe-stubs, does that work?

Comment by Laura

Oh good! I’m never sure what bad TV movies make it out of the states, but am pleased that that God-awful one managed to cross the Atlantic.
I DID love Moonlighting.

Comment by Whinger

Bit late to the fray here (as usual), but…Moonlighting! How great was that programme? But the real question is: was Bruce Willis really very sexy in it, or was it just my teenage hormones playing nasty tricks on me? Answers please…

Comment by patroclus

Nice recipe … If you can find a carnival squash at your market try this simple one:

-split squash and remove seeds
-sprinkle cut edges with kosher salt
-place cut side down on baking sheet covered with tin foil and bake at 400F for 45 minutes
-turn over, drip with maple syrup and bits of butter and return to the top rack of the over for another 7-10 minutes to brown.
– serve in the skins

enjoy …

Comment by Berlinbound

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