My salad dressing days

M&S Chocolate and Orange Mini Bites
September 13, 2005, 2:19 pm
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You can’t eat a 375g tub and NOT expect them to catch up with your thighs, can you?

Expect me to blog about the fashion merits of jodphurs shortly.


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I just read your perfume post. Now I’m reading about chocolate… chocolate… hmmm…. You know how to live, Mrs Chick!

Comment by Justine

Or, you could go back to full skirts. You can hide a lot of thigh under a full skirt! 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

Jodphurs, huh? I suggest waxing eloquently over the fashion merits of sweatpants – they’re cheaper, which will allow for a bigger chocolate and candy budget 😉

wckwzk – Polish word for the work week.

Comment by katiedid

I’m with Katiedid — go with the sweatpants. You will pass for American.

Comment by Meegan

I say don’t bother getting out from under the duvet. Just have the chicklets bring you more chocolate. Problem solved.

Comment by Hannah

I saw the new Charlie and the chocolate factory movie yesterday. Ohhh Mr Depp you are so cool. Ohhhh chocolate you are so wonderful. Ohhh Mr Elfman all your music is starting to sound the same, but hey, I still loved the movie!

buxeznz (Buxez, NZ) – the New Zealand franchise of a breast implant surgery.

Comment by Justine

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