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Mr Byrne: are these your youngest fans?
September 13, 2005, 11:31 am
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Despite my very best efforts, it seems the chicklets have rather good taste in music. They are quite taken with Talking Heads (in particular the album ‘Little Creatures’) and Paul Simon (preferring his latter day African adventures in ‘Graceland’).

I’ve been subjecting them to all manner of trash and nonsense (early Kylie, some Debbie Gibson, a little Boyzone), but no, not interested.

They are also fond of a little gentle headbanging to ‘Wild Thing’ (something I tend to join them in…well, it would be impolite not to).

Oh, and whilst we’re on the subject, assuming one of my recent commenters is right and ‘uncool’ is the new ‘cool’, is this a good time for me to admit to my love of (the sadly-disbanded) S Club 7?

Just askin’.


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EEK! Have we taught you nothing? By the way I know they’ll love Mylo versus Miami sound machine “Doctor Pressure”, a cunning and fab (and I’m afraid very cool) mix of Gloria Estefan’s “Doctor Beat” and Mylo’s own “Drop the pressure”. (He’s from Skye – remember? – and his album “destroy rock and roll” has a real 80s vibe – so up your street).
Anyhoo re S club, v. amused to see ickle poplet Rachel Stevens storm off “Dick n’ Dom in da bungalow” at the weekend (don’t ask!).Poor love, probably worried she’d get custard pie on her little red gloves. TV gold….

Comment by suburban bantam

just click listen to hear what the kids are groovin to:

Comment by suburban bantam

c’mon now, SB – i’ve seen you strutting your stuff to ‘reach for the stars’ with the best of them

i’ll admit though that ms stevens is super irritating

Comment by Urban Chick

small person favours green day, bowling for soup, the zutons and *ahem* rolf harris…also keen on ac/dc, the georgia satellites and terrovision.

a tiny rock chick. oh yes. her father is trying to indoctrinate her into liking house music, but it’s not working. ha!

andisecretlylovereachforthestars *legs it*

Comment by surly girl

My little ones like rock, Billy Idol, Heart, ZZ Top, Deep Purple!
Oh and country. DD has every Shania Twain CD.

DS is more into just flinging himself around the room to what ever beat is coming out of the stereo. Oh yes, and he likes the Wiggles *cringe*

Comment by Kyahgirl

the wiggles: are they not the most creepy looking human beings on the planet? and yet loved by millions of kids…


Comment by Urban Chick

What the chicks need is a gay uncle – love him and Kylie will come quite naturally…

Comment by Mark

Mom liked Paul Anka and all the girl groups, Dad liked bluegrass, Merl Haggard, and Johnny Cash.
If I have nippers I think I’ll start them off on Ramones, Indigo Girls, and Morrissey and just hope for the best.

Comment by Nigel Patel

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