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What I want to be when I grow up
September 12, 2005, 11:46 am
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Yep, three decades and [mumbles] years down the line and I’ve finally decided what I want to be when I grow up:

A Lift Operator

On the weekend, Mr Chick, the chicklets and I took a stroll through a foot tunnel under the River Thames (the dripping, oh, the dripping). At each end of the tunnel is a wonderful wood-pannelled lift, each the size of a small apartment. And each operated by a human being.

These guys (and they are mainly men), sit on a chair from 7am until 7pm (9am until 5.30pm on Sundays) every day, listening to the radio, reading the paper and chatting to each other on some sort of internal phone system.

How cool is that? Uninterrupted back-to-back Magic “more music, less talk” 105.4…a chance to read G2/Heat/Grazia/whatever-takes-your-fancy cover to cover and endless gossiping on the phone. Brilliant.

So I’m thinking, I just need to persuade a close friend to apply for the position in the lift opposite and we are made! I reckon we could persuade passengers to do a magazine swap for us once or twice a day (‘Yes, that’s right. Could you take this brown envelope over to the other lift operator? It contains Very Important Information about the safety of the lift. Thank you!’)

And think of all the potential for gossip! (‘OK, six minutes and you’re carrying ten-ton-Terry and his family of five – better double check your weight limit!’ and ‘Oh, oh! It’s Mr Neverbeennearacanofdeodorant…whip out that face mask, honey!).

OK, so there’s the lack of daylight thing to contend with but I noticed a plug socket in there, so doubtless you could install one of those UV lights…

Any takers?


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I like the magazine-switching idea, but you KNOW you would go nuts without wireless access! Can you imagine being away from your blog for 12 hours each day? I didn’t think so.

Comment by Meegan

fair point, meegan

HOW did i not take this into consideration?

maybe that’s a question i can ask at interview stage…

Comment by Urban Chick

I want to a job doing this too! Yes, you must make sure at the interview that the building has wireless access and you will be all set.

Comment by KGrams

where did all the people go that were in the lift yesterday? You let them off did you?
I think you and surlygirl should get this job together based on your riotous discussion on her blog yesterday! 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

They have these in Beijing. Quite sad really. These are for little lifts to fit 4 people squashed like sardines – there’ll still be a little stool in there, some random elevator girl stuck in the stuffy, non-airconditioned lift with a book pressing buttons all day.

It’s kind of moronic.
I’d imagine the lift conditions over where you are are slightly better though!

Comment by SBB

laura: i know! those folk just plain disappeared overnight so i had to find a new image…

I-B: funnily enough that is where i first encountered lift operators…i arrived, jetlagged, in my student block and to find a guy on a stool asking which floor i’d like (w-e-i-r-d!!)

initially, i kept lurching for the buttons myself but i soon realised this was his full-time job so i stopped!

Comment by Urban Chick

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