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Topical pop quiz
September 12, 2005, 11:50 am
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OK. I’m confused. What did JFK say on his visit to Berlin on 26 June 1963?

Was it:
(a) I am a jelly doughnut!
(b) I am a citizen of Berlin!
(c) I am a sausage!
(d) I am a smallish newspaper!

I used to *think* I knew the answer but now I’m not so sure, so perhaps someone would like to put me straight.

On the other hand, a prize* is in store for the person who can correctly guess why this is a topical pop quiz today…

[* I am rather assuming everyone here likes KitKat Chunkies btw…]

Update (2.20pm GMT, 12/9/05): And the prize goes to…Turn The Greaser!

You might also be interested to check out this site, which would seem to knock out the jelly doughnut theory…


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sausage. definitely the sausage (when in doubt alwatys go for the sausage option. never fails).

ummm, is it Mike Read (of Pop Quiz)’s birthday? and is it a pop quiz if it’s not about pop music? or did you mean it in the american sense? why am i asking so many questions? am i mental?

Comment by surly girl

Is it something to do with the launch of the Grauniad in mid-size format, similar to Berliner? How depressing. As if that is going to induce me to read it…like suddenly it’s a different newspaper…

Tell you what, if I’ve won the KitKat chunky (yum), I’ll also apply for the lift job – how about it? On one condition – I must do south side, as I want to be near M&S…

Comment by turn the greaser

I was told by someone who can speak German that he said he was a doughnut – although I didn’t know it was of the jelly variety. However, German-speaker or not, he was also an inveterate liar and I’m one of those people who are said to be born every minute.

Comment by Wyndham

He was trying to say that he was a citizen of Berlin but he said “I am a jelly doughnut” (Berliner = jelly doughnut in German). That’s what I’ve been told since I was a child. But then, I was also told that Santa Claus came down my chimney every Dec. 24…

Comment by Meegan

turn the greaser has it! the kitkat chunky is all yours…just email me your address and a plastic wrapped pile of chocolatey goo will be winging its way to you pronto questo

well, OK, the south side is yours, but only because i’ve just discovered the caribbean cafe on the north side (lovely whiffs of jerk chicken and banana cake to die for…)

right, gotta get to that newsagent to snaffle my copy of u-no-wot

Comment by Urban Chick

Ich Bein ein Berliner wasn’t it?

Which is ” I am a Sausage “

a Berliner is a local variety of that comestible

Comment by Aginoth

looks like I was wrong :o)

Comment by Aginoth

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