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Those perfumistas, they got to me…
September 11, 2005, 8:14 pm
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It was only a matter of time, but they got to me in the end.

I was harbouring what looked to be a lifelong Chanel No.5 habit until one day, early in my blogging career, I hit ‘next blog’ and ended up at C’est Chic. Then, suddenly, I was a regular on Seldom Nice Nowadays and then Ombligo and later Canadian Gourdess

And before I knew it, I was lost in a world of Serge Lutens this and ‘hints of bergamot and jasmine’ that.

For a while, I resisted. I’d dabbled with Anais Anais, Coco Chanel and YSL’s Paris in my early twenties but eventually settled down with Chanel No.5 [EDT – too miserly to splash out on an EDP].

If I had any unhealthy habits, they were shoe- and handbag-related. Manageable. Containable.

But then I was seduced. It’s hard to keep your head clear when you are being bombarded by your (blogging) peers with alluring reviews and ‘ten top summer scent suggestions’.

So I relented. Too many folk were saying ‘try Serge Lutens A La Nuit, try Serge Lutens A La Nuit!’. And so I Googled. Turned out there was a cute little online retailer ( who could offer me what I wanted. Just give us your credit card details. Delivery within the week.

They Made It So Easy.

And so here I am, the proud owner of Two Types of Scent (something Mr Chick considers incredibly extravagant) with a hankering for more olfactory stimulation.

So you see, those perfumistas, they got to me in the end.

[Y’all know who you are…don’t think I can’t hear you cackling with delight.]


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So interesting how quickly you got into the discernment between EDT and EDP. heh. And Mr. Chick thinks two is extravagant. Oh that poor dear boy. Wait’ll he sees your Christmas list. Wait’ll he sees the price list. Wait’ll we tell you about Rich Hippie Wild Thing at 2 oz. for only $625. USD. Or ask kyahgirl about Clive Christian. Yeah, just ask her. xoxo

Comment by mireille

*Muah ha ha-ha ha!*

Two bottles extravagant, huh? Wow. I must be unbelievably decadent by Mr. Chick’s standards, hee!

Comment by katiedid

i am limited in the perfume stakes by the facts that a) i only like three scents and b) the other half is desperately allergic to all but two of my perfumes..

you’d never think it to look at me.

Comment by surly girl

*wraps UC in warm and fragrant hug*
Welcome to the sisterhood (and the poor house LOL)


Comment by Kyahgirl

May I recommend cK Eternity Moment (much better than the original Eternity, which is also yummy, just not quite as yummy); Ralph Lauren’s Romance; and Estee Lauder’s Pleasures Exotiques (again, MUCH yummier than Pleasures).

Here’s to our newly fragrant friend!

Comment by Hannah

On this whiffy note, anyone heard of a perfume called Fracas? Apparently it’s supposed to wildly draw the hairier sex floundering towards us fairer ones like fish into nets, leaving them hopeless with passion/desire/gills etc.

Finally tracked it down in Harvey Nicks … curious to hear if anyone thinks it’s worth the fifty-quid plus it costs,else I’ll be sticking to my old faithful Apple Blossom..

Comment by locogal

Fracas is a very popular choice amongst many perfumistas – but do take a sniffa from a tester first before buying. It’s not one that everyone and their dog loves.

Comment by katiedid

I agree with katiedid on Fracas. I love tuberose in Creed’s Tubereuse Indiana and Rochas Poupée, but in Fracas, it just knocks me on my butt.
Here is a quote from Chandler Burr on tuberose:
“Tuberose: black rubber flower. This is a natural oil, a complex mixture. This one’s smell evolves. The rubber is kinky, dusted with talcum. Then an almost meaty bloodlike smell reminiscent of carnations, and finally a ‘white flower.’ “Decorous but unquestionably poisonous. Fracas, the classic Piguet fragrance created by Germaine Cellier, was very close but made of different pieces.
This can be an almost animal scent.
Try it first! 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

yikes – ‘fracas’ is a real perfume??

what next? brouhaha? riot?

ok, don’t tell me these exist too…

(although i don’t know why i am surprised after the ‘rich hippie wild thing’ revelation)

Comment by Urban Chick

LOL- UC, you must come and hang out at the Fragrance board for awhile. You wouldn’t believe some of the names.
How about “Tiptoeing through the chambers of the moon”, Luctor et Emergo, Whore of Babylon? Honest. Its an education 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

Although a member of that board I was always monogamous – perfume-wise, but I now own four bottles of perfume (two of which were gifts).

I approve your choices.
Signed: The Godmother of the Serge Lutens Mafia.

Comment by Bela

My bro. owns more perfume than me by a factor of at least 20. I should be very embarressed (or he should be…)

Do your perfumes end up lonely and stale though? Mine do… never use them! Hmmm explains why I am single, eh.

Comment by SBB

Hi UC! I found your blog through M’s fab blog C’est Chic.

Welcome to the rather dangerous world of appreciating/loving perfumes.
You have so many great places in London to try them. Liberty, Fortnums, Harvey Nicks, Harrods (Roja Dove’s Haute Parfumerie etc.) etc. etc.

I used to buy whenever I liked a fragrance and now I make sure that I love them before I shell out any dough.

BTW – this is a great blog.


Comment by ParisLondres

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