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A handbag??
September 11, 2005, 2:00 pm
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It’s impossible for me to mention the word ‘handbag’ without Mr Chick coming over all Lady Bracknell and saying in his campest tones: ‘A handbag? A handbag?’. But I digress…

I had plain forgotten about this cute tweedy little number. Stuck in the recesses of the laundry room in amongst a pile of dirty bedlinen and the boxes of cheap plonk from our French holiday it was.

That said, it has only limited capabilities. So thin is this bag that I can only contemplate using it if I am prepared to leave the house with a (wafer paper) thin comb and some ironed banknotes.

But it’s so jaunty and sits under one’s armpit so elegantly. In fact, I am going to take it out for a trip to the local bookshop this afternoon. Yes I am!

Hot tip of the day: read Rebecca Blood’s interview with Heather Armstrong. Brilliant, even if it has caused me to slunk into a deep narcassistic depression on learning about the 55,000 UNIQUE VISITORS (and 200,000 PAGELOADS) she gets EVERY WEEKDAY.

[Mental note to self: call the Old Rooster and tell him to screw his RSI and get back to hitting ‘refresh’ for a living…]


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Love it! Perfect for fall. Enjoy your trip to the bookshop.

Comment by Meegan

Aye I read that interview too, the way I see it is that we have a more select and discriminating audience.

Comment by Jane

I’m told getting lots of hits is easy: generate anatomical words in random order, prefix with “hot”, append with “action”, and wait for the search engines…
And is that a handbag or a sporran?

Comment by Stef the engineer

you may welll be right, stef

jane (above you) had a post entitled ‘wet pussy’ (which was, of course, about her rain-soaked cat) and she had a veritable flurry of interest from perverts all over the world


p.s. mr chick’s sporran is waaaay bigger than that handbag

Comment by Urban Chick

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