My salad dressing days

The aubergine, the aubergine…
September 9, 2005, 11:26 am
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By God, I love an aubergine
(Its goo-ey flesh, its purple sheen)
I like it best with sea spice sauce
And fluffy rice (in clumps, of course)
In ratatouille it stands out
(Pushes the courgettes about)
Of all the nightshades that I’ve seen
My favourite is the aubergine


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um….*casts about desperately for something to say*

aren’t aubergines, well, glossy?

ukesvsyy: noise made by Gollum in the Norwegian dub of Lord of the Rings

Comment by surly girl

Me too!!! Even though we call them eggplants over here. I do have a problem preparing them at home, though — they never taste right. But in restaurants, YUM.

Comment by Meegan

Aubergines. My favourite purple vegetable. So much nicer than all the the other purple vegetables. Like, urm…

gipucgir: Prehistoric mammal, from the tapir family. Lived in large family groups. Believed to have become extint after an argument over which set of inlaws would be getting the visit at Christmas got out of hand.

Comment by Stef the engineer

LOL at stef and The Christmas Question – who can blame them for becoming extinct? it’s a tough tough issue…

Comment by Urban Chick

UC, I came back because I wanted to compliment you on your often-changing…whaddyacallit — the little blurb under your title on the blog (very funny).

But, now I am curious about this private joke going on with the definitions. Did I miss something???

Comment by Meegan

meegan: eh?? what do you mean?

Comment by Urban Chick

i think meegan means the word verification game….

twkklig: scandinavian child-eating monster, called into play when reluctance over bedtime is displayed

Comment by surly girl

A-HA!! Okay, I get it; thanks, Surly Girl.

Gmind: The brain behind the superpower that is Google

Comment by Meegan

aubergines and courgettes … you learned this during your French holiday, didn’t you? On the other hand, it does have a bit of a Nigella feel to it … if you unbutton your sweater a couple of buttons and flip your hair. oh wait, don’t do that. you’re likely to attract rambling lecherous bloggers, the cyberequivalent of dirty old men. hm. xoxo

nhcxcq: oh, I don’t know.

Comment by mireille

mireille: i’m assuming you are american, in which case these are surely ‘eggplants’?

nigella? tuh! the woman is something of a self-parody here these days…brilliantly spoofed to the point where she seems like a spoof herself

but there is something very alluring when she sucks stray ingredients off her fingers (so says mr chick – how would i know?)

Comment by Urban Chick

Two of the most delicious words in existence: eggplant parmesean.

mujhg: what US southerners call the receptacle for their moonshine. “Ah keep all mah ‘shine in muh juhg. Gimme back mujhg.”

Comment by katiedid

Hmmm, upon reflection I realize I may offend with that definition. I’ll leave it to your discretion, UC, if you wish to delete that! And the one that follows, too (sigh):

hoing: When the pimps are out piming, the hos are tricked out and sent hoing.

Comment by katiedid

What a great little poem!
“Of all the nightshades that I’ve seen/ my favourite is the aubergine” is so memorable, I’m going to be walking around saying it whenever I cook my stuffed baked eggplants. I’ll give you the recipe if you’re in need of a good one…

Awgwf – agricultural machinery used in Faeroes.

Comment by Justine

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