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What you say, what they hear
September 7, 2005, 12:52 pm
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What you say: “Oh really? Actually I blogged about that last week! And I got 14 comments! Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeh. You know that woman whose blog I read? No? Well, she always leaves funny comments on my blog. Remember? No? Well, she referred to me in a comment she left on thingmejig’s blog. It was hilarious! I was LOL! (Yes, that’s webspeak for Laughing Out Loud.) Sorry, thought you knew. Have you read my post today by the way…?”

What they hear: “Blog blog blog blog blog blog blog I blog blog blog I blog blog I blog my blog blog blog blog me blog blog blog blog blog blog I blog blog blog blog blog blog blog me.”

Can’t they just be HAPPY for us as we venture forth on our narcissistic quest? Honestly.

[With apologies to Gary Larson.]

Oh, and whilst we’re talking about ME, I thought it was about time I made public a photo of myself. It’s available to buy here for a mere dollar (or three, if you want me in a large size…oooh er missus etc.).


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I’m disappointed in the photo. I mean, I never thought of ‘Urban Chick’ as actually having a body. I just imagined her as this pair of cute shoes, going places under their own steam. I know it seems strange now, but why shouldn’t shoes evolve intelligence and a sense of self? My bubble has been burst. 😦

Comment by Stef the engineer

Yes, it’s true – the ‘real’ world hears only what they want to. I have friends who I’m sure hear exactly what you posted when I talk about LB.

Nice pic, btw. πŸ™‚

Comment by G

I talk to my husband about my blog. I think it annoys him after a while.

Comment by United We Lay

Is that really you? What a chic chick! Nice to meet you missy.

I don’t think my dh recalls that I mentioned I started a blog. He doesn’t ‘get’ our obsessive need to reach out and touch the world across cyber space.
Whatever, its my thing, not his.


Comment by Kyahgirl

uh, chick? you’re not lying about the photo are you? I’m naturally suspicious. πŸ™‚

Comment by Kyahgirl

Wow, you are a lot better looking than I am! LOL.

This post was funny. πŸ™‚

Comment by Kate

Mr. Chick here. Now the picture’s out there, you can all see what a lucky guy I am. Urban is quite a babe. But then, as you can see from my photo, I feel I’m holding my own in the looks department.

(My friends tell me I’m a bit old for her. But we’re both greyscale -at least we’ve got that in common.)

Comment by Mr. Chick

laura: you are right to be suspicious πŸ˜‰

mr chick: what are you talking about? ‘greyscale’?? i just *knew* you weren’t running a bath

the joys of wireless broadband when you have more than one ‘puter in the house…

zpjgo = a 100 metre sprint in your nightwear

Comment by Urban Chick

oh dear, I just saw Mr. Chick’s photo on his profile. No wonder you’re sprinting in your nightwear, UC. *wow*

wyvya: unleavened armenian cracker

Comment by mireille

Mr Chick – what a fantastic man you are. I wish when asked for a description of himself MY husband would simply, “I’m with Justine”! That’d be great!

Comment by Justine

So do you have a blog Mr.Chick?

kuffgfbf – sound made when choking on a mouthfull of cotton wool

Comment by Aginoth

Mr Chick appears to be the man who used to bang the gong at the beginning of Rank Films. Looking pretty good for his age then, it has to be said.

Comment by Betty

the Other Half pretends to be interested in my blogging, and does leave the odd comment. however, i don’t think he understands the sheer obsession the blogging engenders. i mean, you’re ALL my real friends, aren’t you? You understand me, don’t you….


yafewc: what a northern tramp says when you try to steal his cider.

Comment by surly girl

I think blog talk goes further than that and gets processed into the traditional, blah, blah, blah, blah. I get the same phenomenon happen when sentences begin with, “At work today…”.

Comment by Swifty

I am so with you on this one. My non blog friends just don’t get it.

I too thought you were a great pair of shoes and didn’t realize that you had a body. However, now that I say Mr. Chicks profile, I guess you must have a body to keep him around. LOL

Comment by KGrams

Love this post-it says it all that I feel every time my husband glazes over at the conversation about my blog and anything in blogworld that is not “real” to him. What-ever! Love the picture.

Comment by Lucky Charmz

I told my husband that I had a blog and mentioned it a few times after that but it wasn’t until one day one of his friends who has quite a well known (in New Zealand) blog linked to me and when I said “Oh did you see [well known NZ blogger] linked to me today” that he actually heard. He nearly fell off his seat

“What?!? What!?! [Make Tea Not War] do you have a blog? Since when? “


Comment by Make Tea Not War

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