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September 6, 2005, 12:23 pm
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two wimmin at a bus stop in Sarf London:

Woman #1: Nuffink is free naaaaa-adays innit?
Woman #2: I naaaaaaaaa. [rolls eyes and drags heavily on cigarette]

Amen to that. Sorry, Ramen (because this cause needs more publicity).

For more about what women on the street are saying, click here.


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Did these women have large bodies? I mean not to be sizeist – but Nietzsche did say ‘there is more wisdom in the body than in the deepest philosophy’. That could explain it?

Comment by Mark

actually, they were rather emaciated-looking…could be the fags, methinks

like the quote though! 🙂

Comment by Urban Chick

Thank you for the mention – I can’t access the Ramen link though (… it’s probably just me).

Erm … “yer in a win/win situation, innit?”

Comment by Betty

I love British speak. My friends and I always say “innit” now, which we picked up from Ali G.

Another fave: “What the buggery bollocks?” from Ab Fab.

Comment by Meegan

Fawlty Towers?
“Oh Auuuudrey! I knoooooow!”

The ‘innit’ thing is catching on here in Oz a bit (innit?). I think it is poor use of the tag question, ie grammatically incorrect (innit?. But it can sound charming on native Englanders (innit?).

Comment by Justine

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?


funny though

Comment by Aginoth

meegan: “buggery bollocks”? say it ALL THE TIME…

word verification (this is a GEM): oypmt = oy you lot! i’ve got PMT – watch out!

Comment by Urban Chick

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