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In your hour of need
September 2, 2005, 12:41 pm
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Where on earth is your government?

Somehow this shocks me more than the aftermath of the hurricane itself.

American Red Cross


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on vacation!

Comment by Meegan

I’ve been asking this question for days now, but people just keep yelling at me.

Comment by United We Lay

We’re still not getting all of the news. Thank God we get BBC and Spanish stations. The government is saying that there are troops there, but the people are saying there aren’t. I think it’s going to turn into a race issue, too. Day 5, help still hasn’t arrived. And, the people evacuated to Houston are causing problems there.

Comment by United We Lay

What bothers me is those Americans who are seriously asking why poor nations like India that suffered from the tsunami and benefited from the US’s somewhat miserly aid package are now not donating aid to the US, the richest country on the planet. I do not deny that there are pockets of extreme poverty in the US, but they are largely a result of democratic decisions taken by US voters. If the US chose, they could eradicate poverty within their own country, but I’m sure that the tax implications of that would leave Republicans screaming in outrage.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

Those people are idiots. This is due to the racism and stupidiy of our President and the rest of our government. Will anyone sponsor my husband and I as Immigrants? We’ll go almost anywhere at this point.

Comment by United We Lay

is it not still meant to be relatively easy to move to Canada? It’s certainly something I think about occasionally

Comment by GreatSheElephant

and now i see mr bush on tv (in alabama?) talking about rebuilding and making some ridiculous quip about hoping to sit on the porch of the new house of some republican senator mate of his

has the man NO sense of symbolism?


Comment by Urban Chick

I heard the words “shoot to kill.” I am unbelievably saddened and angry and
upset right now. My government has failed those folks. I don’t even know how to articulate what that makes me feel.

Comment by katiedid

it’s so so ugly, all of it

and yet again, it seems the people (in new orleans city at least) worst affected are the poor, those without private means to get out of the city before katrina hit

i wonder how long before this becomes a big race issue – virutally every ‘refugee’ i saw interviewed on channel 4 news tonight was black

Comment by Urban Chick

I don’t have words for this. kyahgirl and I talked about it yesterday … all I could say is how angry and sad and ashamed I am. And how I never thought I’d feel that way about my own country. I have to believe it won’t always be like this. xoxo

Comment by mireille

Please let me make one more comment. I sincerely hope we are not asking poor nations to help us at this time … for our own sense of nationhood. We have been the ones who came to help in different, more noble times … I hope we have not come to the point of being supplicants to an international community who for the most part, and some with good reason, seem to detest us. For our own good, we need to have more pride than that. xoxo

Comment by mireille

The Americans whose lives really mattered to the administration had already cleared out last weekend.
One can say that W. is a racist but one cannot have that statement broadcast or taken seriously.

Comment by Nigel Patel

It is very sad and disappointing indeed. No getting around it. The Bush administration is a disaster in itself, BUT, the tragedy is happening now and its going to take much more strength and understanding than this country, in its present day, has ever known. The bashing and hate and disgust being spewed about is not forward movement. We cannot go back. We cannot elect someone else. We had that chance. Now we as a people, need to get going and quit bitching about how awful it is here. I am appauled how quickly people say they want to move from the US. I say GO. Get out. I don’t want you here if you are not going to do your part to make it better. The government is not our saviour. Why do we think they are? We as a people have always saved each other. So get with it, like they did in Thailand after the tsunami, by the way, not too many there said they hated their country, and just do what needs to be done.

Comment by lou

Hi. Randomly found your blog and here I am audaciously commenting. 🙂

Everyone I know is appalled and angry at our government’s lack of preparation and response. Finally, even the lay-down-and-roll-over media is even criticizing the Bush administration. I just hope more people finally see through Bush’s lies.

Comment by Diana

Oops, really did not intend to use the word “even” twice in that sentence. 🙂

Comment by Diana

diana: welcome! just journeyed over to your blog…haven’t yet got to grips with LJ but i am determined to try!

Comment by Urban Chick

Lj isn’t that bad, honest. 🙂

Comment by Diana

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