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When in St Ives…
September 1, 2005, 9:12 pm
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If you are in St Ives and have only limited time, don’t bother with the Tate (very disappointing), instead head to the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden.


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Would you mind commenting on my site about what you’re seeing about the disaster there? People don’t believe that we’re not getting the accurate information from our news networks.

Comment by United We Lay

Beautiful sculptures! I wish I were able to attend!

Comment by Atreau

Hi UC, I have to disagree with you concerning the Tate at St Ives. The first time I was there they were displaying the primimtive paintings of local artist (deceased)Alfred Wallace. Marvellous. On another occasion they were showcasing Barbara Hepworth’s work, but I’m afraid it left me cold. It’s so difficult to get around the subjectivity involved in art. I’m sure though, everyone will love the coffee shop and restaurant with it’s spectacular view of Porthmeor Beach.

Comment by Swifty


i wonder whether the tate was over-hyped – i know i had very high expectations and made a long trip to visit st ives for that reason

there seemed to be very little in there, although i did see the barbara hepworth exhibition you refer to

i think i had also expected to see more local artists, given what a rich tradition there is to draw on in the area

perhaps it’s also a function of being spoilt for galleries and museums in london…

anyway, we LOVED the cafe and the views, which i agree were fab


Comment by Urban Chick

Oiban chick [an attempt at a NY accent. God knows why, it just seems appropriate],

It is, as you know, a small gallery, showing relatively little at any one time. It’s a matter of pot luck I suppose. Perhaps the next time you visit you’ll be squealing with delight.

Comment by Swifty

Thanks so very much for taking your time to create your blog. Excellent work

Comment by Vaughn Frasier

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