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It’s Just Not Cricket
August 29, 2005, 8:28 pm
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Apparently, England have done rather well at cricket. Apparently, they might win The Ashes. Apparently, this is something to be excited about.

This has meant that habitually-disinterested-in-cricket types have been glued to the TV and, of course, I could not help but glance at the screen occasionally.

It strikes me that cricket has come over all footbally. There is a lot more hugging after [stops to consider what the equivalent of a goal is] lots of, um, runs. The names of the some of the players have penetrated my sport-resistant consciousness (Marcus Trescothick, for instance). And sometimes, I’m reliably informed, the players don’t wear white.

But this is Just Not Cricket, surely? I thought cricket was all about the village green, with onlookers sipping warm beer and nuns riding past on their bicycles? Clearly, I have been duped.

In fact, I’m wondering whether – whilst I wasn’t paying attention – cricket has become the new football. It reminds me a bit of the summer I went on holiday only to find on my return that Kylie had metamorphosed from squeaky ex-soap star into pop icon. Would welcome confirmation of this from anyone In The Know.

[Just for the record, for a brief period in my late teens, I ‘displayed potential as a batswoman’ according to a history teacher whose posioned chalice was to muster a girls’ cricket team at my school. My parents keeled over in shock on hearing this news, given that my previous sporting prowess had only ever manifested itself in a vicious competitiveness when playing tiddlywinks with my younger sisters.]

Update (30/8/05): listening to the Today programme, I hear that The Independent is today running a story entitled ‘Is cricket the new football?’. Now had this appeared yesterday, I would have worried about being accused of plagiarism. What can I say? UC likes to think she has her finger on a pulse at least 2% of the time. Ha!


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well, some of this was lost in translation, but I do understand that you are rekindling an interest in sports and that there may be warm beer and cycling nuns involved. Well done! xoxo

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Comment by mireille

My only knowledge of cricket is that they wear white sweaters (jumpers for people across the pond) and they look like they are having fun.

I love physical sports with swinging sticks…comes from my years of playing grasshockey. Might be fun to try cricket someday but doesn’t seem likely around this part of the woods.

Comment by Kyahgirl

With a few notable exceptions, it has only recently dawned upon the English that cricket has any competitive element at all. Such as winning.

Oh no, apart from football (where we show our competitive spirit by beating the cr*p out of rival fans), the sporting prowess of the English is chiefly confined to being the game and popular loser. (See Wimbledon, every single year. Please Tim, just give up and go home. You will only get through to the quarter-finals by drawing even bigger losers than yourself.)

Comment by the plate invigilator

I don’t even understand American football so I suppose I have no hope of grasping cricket. I once asked a Yemeni coworker about it but all he wanted to talk about was soccer(football).

Comment by Nigel Patel

I’d love to see a cricket match. I’d like to see a real football match too, I bet that is incredible.

My parents had the same reaction when the highschool track coach told them I could be a hurdler. I’m a clutz, I kept running into the damned things.

Comment by GodlessMom

For many years I lived on the doorstep of the Edgbaston cricket ground, but never managed to pay a visit. I have however witnessed the crowds on Test Match days and can testify to it’s festive character, lot’s of dressing up, good humour, and importantly, alcoholic drinks. I really must make the effort next year.

Comment by Swifty

what about the earings? You didn’t mention the earings. Surely thats not right. (Freddie Flintoff has one, maybe two).
I think it is a good sport, I mean what other sports have a tea break where the players openly scoff cake? Fantastic.

Comment by suburban bantam

Glad to see The Independent is reading your blog for story ideas!

Comment by Meegan

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