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A favourite singer
August 25, 2005, 9:00 am
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Stacey Kent, a student from New York, came to London to study French, German and Italian for a Masters in comparative literaure, met saxophonist Jim Tomlinson (who she later married) and instead wound up a well-known jazz singer.

The songwriter, Jay Livingston, wrote of her: “Stacey Kent is a revelation. There is nobody singing today who can compare with her. She has the style of the greats, like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. And she sings the words like Nat Cole – clean, clear and almost conversational with perfect phrasing. And that’s as good as it gets.”

I love her voice and saw her at Ronnie Scott’s this time two years ago.


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Ah, I love it when people recommend as-yet-not-in-the-stratosphere-where-fame-has-ruined-their-music artists! Thank you, UC. I shall check her out asap.

Comment by Hannah

Hmmm… compared to Ella eh? I’ll listen out for her.

Comment by Swifty

Thank you for the recommendation.

I have never heard of Stacey Kent, and absolutely adore Ella!

Wow. She must be something.

Comment by BarbaraFromCalifornia

Yes, thank you for the recommendation!

Comment by Meegan

That’s a great picture. I love the way she stands, like she’s just filled with joy, belting out her tunes.
I enjoy female vocalists so will keep an ear out 🙂

Comment by Kyahgirl

I’ve never heard of her–thanks for the heads-up. Always looking for good stuff.

Comment by actonbell

😦 Cannot download her songs.

Will just have to wait till her album comes here. Which you know, means after she morphs into Christina Aguillera-like success. Well, hopefully not – maybe Norah Jones like success? (then again after that first album)…. ah heck.

Comment by SBB

Thanks for the link to Stacey.

I’ll be checking her out.

Have you heard Diana Krall?

Comment by jomama

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