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Forget Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon!
August 20, 2005, 6:49 pm
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It seems I am only one degree of separation from Kevin McCloud! Today I met someone who will be lunching within him in the very near future.

In all likelihood, most of you will not be familiar with the wonderful Mr McCloud, so let me fill you in:

* He presents Channel 4’s ‘Grand Designs’ (one of my favourite TV programmes!).
* He’s passionate about architecture (I love architecture!).
* He’s fluent in several languages, as amply demonstrated on ‘Grand Designs Abroad’ (I am a linguist too!).
* He lives in Wiltshire (I love Wiltshire! I want to live in Wiltshire!).
* His wife has a sweet-sounding name beginning with ‘Z’ (I adore names beginning with ‘Z’!).
* He has his own lighting company (I love lights!).
* He is intelligent, philosphical and groovy (OK, enough already – you get the picture…).

You see now why it is we HAVE to meet and why it is we are certain to become firm friends?

So now I just have to figure out how to gatecrash this lunch. I’ve offered to act as this woman’s PR/chauffeur/hairdresser/bag-carrier. ‘You wouldn’t be so shameless, Urb!’ yelled my friend. Believe me, I would.


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This reminds me of a meeting with a relatively well known actress over dinner who I was convinced would be my new best friend. She had been brought to my friend’s birthday dinner by another friend as a surprise and was seated next to me. She wasn’t that like her TV persona but nonetheless we got on famously, or so I thought. A day or two later I asked my friend to relay an invitation to coffee to which I never got a response. It’s a trite and often repeated observation but television does give a false sense of intimacy that is purely one way.

Comment by GreatSheElephant

**sticks fingers in ears and says ‘la la la la la’**

nooooooo! kevin and i ARE going to be friends – we really are!

Comment by Urban Chick

I too love names beginning with Z! But you “love lights”? I think you’re pushing it a bit, UC. : ) However, I think you two are destined for friendship. Why not just show up at the restaurant? I’m sure Kevin will take one look at you (the fact that you are intelligent, philosophical, and groovy will be obvious) and invite you to sit at his table. From then on, it will be celebs and champagne every day.

Comment by Meegan

Go for it babe… don’t listen to greatsheelephant (no offense), listen to Meegan, just show up and Kevin will instantly see you and invite you over.

Comment by KGrams

OK, so what happened with this? I need to know

Comment by GreatSheElephant

GSE: er, sweet FA, actually!

need to take a raincheck and pester intermediary friend for an update

i meant to add that celebs are not my thing, but i do like a thoughtful and intelligent TV presenter or three…

Comment by Urban Chick

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