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I’ve received a complaint
August 18, 2005, 1:01 pm
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It seems that not everyone can tolerate such high doses of serious and cerebral posts from the habitually-daft UC. And so I succumb and bring you My Noo Shoos (as featured on my profile). These are for you, sister!

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Give me a chicklet-free hour and this is what happens. I slip into Bullfrogs to browse their sale items and then…oops, er, um – can I try these on, please? But all for the price of a West End cinema ticket and think of the hours of pleasure they will give me! That said, I can think of no occasion in the next decade when I might wear them (They. Have. Heels.), so I’ve decided to wear them around the house, which amuses Mr Chick no end.


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You know Mrs Chick, I do love the “girlieness” of your blog. I feel as if I’m peeking into the boudoir of an ultra-feminine lady -the pinkness helps I guess. And now we have another delightful picture of your feet. Much appreciated, in a non-fetishistic way of course 🙂

Comment by Swifty

Shoes! Wait, shoe blogging and its not The Manolo? Then I think it’ll still count as seriousness. And cute shoes on sale are, of course, very serious business.

Comment by katiedid

I need a BIG dosage of girlie girl today!

Love those shoes, and they look so comfortable.

Comment by BarbaraFromCalifornia

Thank you! Phew thats better…

Comment by grateful poult

I love ’em. And I like that you added the photo to your profile.

Comment by Meegan

yes. very nice shoes. I like them. let’s have more shoe pictures … MORE SHOES! MORE SHOES! MORE SHOES! xoxo

Comment by mireille

I think they are cute. Why not wear them outside. Do you have something pink you can wear them with? My daugher would love them.

Comment by Lucy Stern

Those shoes are adorable! I bet you’ll find a killer outfit to go with it in no time!

Comment by Atreau

They’re fabulous. You need no excuse other than that. Whether you can wear them places is neither here nor there.

I’m thinking you may just appreciate this little link…

Comment by Hannah

this won’t be surprising, H, but i have the whole shoe book by edward monkton (ah…)

Comment by Urban Chick

Those are adorable. Wear them outside!!!

Comment by Kate

There’s a shoe book? Where do I get it??? I LOVE shoes… please more shoe posts.

Comment by KGrams

Dammit i wish we had shoes like that here.and in my size.

Comment by aja-ng

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