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August 17, 2005, 12:49 pm
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As an established blogger, I find myself seeking out opportunities to talk about blogging with friends. What it means, why it’s blossoming and so on.

The real life scenario which prompted my post about the complicated process that is purchasing a cup of coffee sparked such a discussion between me and Mr Chick (whilst sipping said coffees). He immediately said: you’re going to blog about this, aren’t you? And it was true: walking back from Starbucks, I had already begun to throw together some sentences in my mind.

And recently a close friend (whose blog on friendship you can find on the right) was asking me about my holiday with some mutual friends and observing how holidaying with friends potentially brings new challenges for friendships. This led me to interject: yes, but you’re not going to blog about that, are you?!

Mr Chick himself confessed that, since he bought his snazzy Nikon D70 digital camera, he was finding it hard to enjoy any view or spectacle without thinking: how would I frame that? which lens or filter might I use?

An article in last month’s Observer by Thomas de Zengotita (author of ‘Mediated: how the media shapes your world and the way you live in it’) expressed it well:

“Media are inherently flattering. We are hard-wired to respond to attention at some level, just as puppies are compelled to wriggle with delight under the ministrations of a stranger. Media, by their nature, address us, attend to us. They make us self-conscious. They constitute an environment of windows and mirrors that allow us to reflect constantly upon ourselves in comparison with others. The more mediated our surroundings, the more self-conscious we become.

“In the last decade or so we’ve reached a whole new level. ‘Media’ now means much more than newspapers, TV, and radio – it also means all the venues that computers bring to us, email, web sites and blogs. It means all the little devices that intensify our connections, the digital cameras and pagers and BlackBerries, the answering machines and mobile phones. Mediated representations of inescapable ubiquity and fabulous quality now provide us with instant access to everything there is – and everything imaginable as well. They offer limitless possibilities for self-definition in an ever-expanding horizon of ever-changing commodities, mannerisms, tastes, opinions, styles. The comfortable classes in overdeveloped nations have been invited to live in worlds of their own design – little MeWorlds, to each his own.”

You can read the full article here.

Within hours of the London bomb blasts on 7/7, people were sending photos and video footage (mostly shot on their camera phones) in to the big broadcasters. The same thing happened on the plane crash in Toronto. Before or whilst (??!!) trying to escape, some passengers saw fit to snap away as they headed for the emergency exit, prompting criticism from air safety experts.

So, with the fast-paced rate of media innovation, is life becoming more of a performance? Can everyone now expect their 15 minutes of fame?


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What a beautiful post!

Even two minutes of fame is worth a thousand words.

Thank you for your insightful and sensitive comments on my blog, which are much appreciated, from the eyes of someone in London.

Be well.

Comment by BarbaraFromCalifornia

Hi UC! I’ve missed you…and I totally hear you about the thinking about how you’ll phrase something while it’s happening. Very interesting post and so true!

Comment by Meegan

Only been at this blogging lark for 4 months, but I already go around thinking “could I blog this?”

Comment by Aginoth

Fame is overrated dudette! I think everyone is having their 15 minutes of fame – which just devalues the whole thing anyway. Reality TV, anyone?

The bloggers whose blogs last seem to be the ones who do it primarily for themselves – not for the fame.

I try not to, but often, cannot sleep because of the ideas of things I want to write intruding. It usually sux then.

Comment by SBB

i agree – the fame and celebrity thing is highly overrated

and it never fails to amaze me how many people want to be on a reality tv show – why??

i too suffer from insomnia when i am thinking about things i would like to blog about

i think it’s best to blog ‘from the heart’, corny as that sounds

Comment by Urban Chick

Blogging is a wonderful opportunity for those of us outside of showbusiness, either ordinary people or failed wannabees, who feel compelled to “shout” at the world. Whether it’s good, moderate, or otherwise is irrelevant. What is important is that we do it. It’s highly narcissistic and disturbs those who feel self-regard is a sin, but who cares about them? It’s faffing great! HELLO WORLD!

Comment by Swifty

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