My salad dressing days

You cannot be serious!
August 14, 2005, 10:32 am
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Oh yes I can, Mr McEnroe!

As my loyal audience of three will know, this blog – for the most part – is an homage (some French folk might say ‘homard’) to silliness and tittle-tattle.

Being silly is second nature to me, but I feel the need to take a few creative risks. To live life a little more on the edge.

And so it is that I bring you:

Sayonara To Silliness Week
w/c Monday 15 August 2005

So it’s (a temporary) farewell to witty quips, sarcastic poetry and bitchiness about the modern world. I also plan to extend this bout of earnestness to comments I leave on other blogs.

I will admit that I feel a little nervous. But I can’t help feeling it’s all good for the soul. So wish me luck. And I promise that there will be a return to my habitual silliness in a week’s time…


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I can’t wait to see the creative posts you will be coming up with. However, please note we do all love the silliness and tittle-tattle.

Comment by KGrams

I agree, but I can’t wait for the serious comments. But can I ask what brought this temporary change of tack on?

Comment by Jane

That’s cool. I’m sure the essential “urban-chickness” will shine through.

Comment by Swifty

You could work with really dry humor.
I think McEnroe wouldn’t have been that way if he had been given a puppy.

Comment by Nigel Patel

Nothing wrong with sincerity, that’s for sure. You always choose interesting little topics anyhow, so I’m sure it’ll be good. I’ve been dabbling in seriousness lately, too… ya gotta mix it up every so often, right? I find after a bit of silliness and/or sarcasm, it feels nice to write something earnest. But then again, after a couple serious posts I feel a terrible urge to dwell on nothing but pure piffle. A whole week sounds strenuous, so good luck!

Comment by katiedid

Nothing better than a nice bit of silliness.

Blog-rolled you onto my link list on my blog :o)

Comment by Aginoth

I’m looking forward to seeing this week’s posts.

Comment by GodlessMom

My parents love to watch tennis so I remember McEnroe’s rants which my sister and I tried to duplicate once and we ended up getting yelled at.

Comment by Atreau

I admire your self-discipline. It will be hard to keep that wit on leash. xoxo

Comment by mireille

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