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August 6, 2005, 7:19 pm
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We are home. Boo hoo. After three whole weeks of sunshine, fine wine, family and friends, I feel a Big Fat Downer coming on. That said, it may make for good blogging material. Then again, it may not. Be warned.

Whilst I mull over the laundry, a little plug: Mslexia. ‘Tis a magazine “for women who write”. I began a subscription earlier this year and returned home to the summer edition. Heck, they even post overseas.


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Welcome back Urban Chick, your loss is our gain I hope to read angst filled posts about the grimness of being back in dear old Blighty.

Seriously though I hope you Mr Chick and the Chicklets had a wonderful time. I also got a new bag whilst on holiday but it isn’t as gucci as yours.

Comment by Jane

hope you had fun in the lakes too

and glad you liked the handbag: it is so very not gucci and terribly bon marche at 25 euros (and real leather with tassles and everything)

yell if you want one and i will dispatch my MIL 😉

Comment by Urban Chick

Well, welcome back! Sounded like you had a great time. I always find the most depressing part to be unpacking the suitcases. After I’m done I’m usually okay again.

Comment by katiedid

Welcome back! It’s always hard when you return home from a trip.

Comment by Atreau

I bet you’ve got a great tan. I think that’s what my legs neeed to enhance their look when I’m strutting about in my undershorts. Anway, welcome back.

If I was you, next time Big Fat Downer comes on to you I’d punch him in his Big Fat gob. Or perhaps you could get Mr Chick to sort him out?

Do they publish a Mrlexia for men? Why is it gender specific? Baffled of Birmingham.

Comment by Swifty

Nothing to do with a Mooncup?
(poor taste, sorry, can’t help self)

Comment by Justine

Welcome back!

I hope we hear about your trip in detail.

That magazine sounds very interesting.

Comment by BarbaraFromCalifornia

Welcome back! I look forward to frequent posts of a generally cynical nature – it makes me feel right at home.

Comment by Hannah

Welcome back, thank you for padding my hitcount … aaannnddd, is your profile pic ok? It is just an x on my monitor. Hope it’s ok. best to the MrChick and chicklets. xoxoxo

Comment by mireille

oh b*gger – is my noo profile pic not working? it should be a modigliani painting?

is it a big fat X for everyone? please say!

Comment by Urban Chick

I am afraid you are indeed appearing as a red “x.”

Comment by katiedid

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