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Bra purchase: more tittering (excuse pun)
August 3, 2005, 6:40 pm
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Some of you will be familiar with my now infamous bra-measuring trip. Well, things are not working out with the ivory bra (gulp – there goes the extension on my mortgage…). As I am just not prepared to live with reduced circulation to my midriff, a trip to a French hypermarche was in order.

Anyhoo, a much more economically viable alternative was available, but the purchase was not made without some giggles:

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Still, better that than bright and miserly, right??

Oh, and I finally found a pea green handbag (although it is somewhat lacking in the buckles and clips department):

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I guess that would make my life complete then…

Bras and handbags amassed, we shall be returning home in a day or two. So no more from me until Sunday at the earliest. Au revoir!


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Ohhh, I love that bag! I’d ask where you got it, but I’m sure it wasn’t Target, so I will probably never own it.

Comment by Jenny G

My bras are all bright and miserly. It’s very depressing.

Nice bag, I’m glad you finally found each other.

Comment by GodlessMom

*waves hands, waves hands* Yes, I like the bag, minus all the prison effects. And I too want a dim bra, for my brilliant breasts. They want to be upheld, not outshone. xoxoxo

Comment by mireille

Oh for heaven’s sake. That has nothing whatsoever to do with bras. You’re just being ridiculous.

Comment by Justine

By the way, if you read what it says on the Blogger homepage, you will find that ADVERTISING is prohibited here.

Comment by Justine

Anybody need the instructions on how to delete comments? Just let me know. xoxoxo

Comment by mireille

Dear “anonymous” I would like to introduce you Ashlee from my blog comments, and tania from winterwheat’s blog comments – I think you all will get along famously. Clearly you have the money to spend on their porn, and you guys have so much in common. You all enjoy spamming blogger, and you all seem to either be boobs or have them.

Comment by katiedid

I hate shopping for bras, trying them on one after another. No two are ever alike! Stupid bras!

Comment by Atreau

HEY Y’ALL!! if the comments after mireille’s first comment stop making sense, that is because i removed a stoooooooopid anonymous comment from someone trying to convince me that i could become a millionaire just sitting on my backside doing sweet FA

and sweet dear, almost-award-winning micki helped me purge this hideous nonsense in a jiffy!

UC x

Comment by Urban Chick

*preens at acknowledgement of almost award* *heh*

Comment by mireille

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