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Menstruation can be funny
July 30, 2005, 12:31 pm
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Well, it is if you find yourself buying sanitary products in a foreign land:

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I am troubled both by the brand name (Labellia – it’s just too darn, well, y’know, ‘reminiscent’, shall we say?) and then there’s the product name (although they have spared us full-on hysterics by omitting an ‘e’).

Still, to coin a famous piece of advertising copy, I guess you could say that It Does What It Says On The Tin.

P.S. Note I did not claim that PMT could be funny. PMT is no laughing matter. Nope. Never. It’s serious (occasionally murder-inciting) sh*t.

P.P.S. If you are already grossed out by this post: Shame On You. Oh, and when we get home, I’m gonna get me a Mooncup.

UPDATE: meantimes, Katiedid is demanding glitter in her Tampax


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I think I’ll pass on the Mooncup. I’d rather just flush my fluids down that toilet than rinse them out.

Comment by Jenny G

I too will pass on the mooncup. My first thought is… there’s no string, so i’d have to… YUK!!!

Yes, they have truly covered truth in advertising on that box. I woulkd hate to see what they would call a few other femine items.

Comment by KGrams

Yup, I was traveling along with you right up to the mooncup. Although must admit some French ad agency DOES have a sense of humor on that Mov’up … reminds me of an old American tv comedy, Movin’ On Up … *chuckles quietly to self then looks around embarrassedly* xoxoxo

Comment by mireille

I have to disagree about PMT not being funny. In my experience itcan be a scream. Sometimes hysterical!

Comment by Swifty

We were grossed out. Came searching for news of your hols. And we find talk like that (or at least type like that – don’t forget the chicks will starting getting it before you think). But then we’re just gay boys… our holiday-body-fluid talk would probably gross you!

Comment by M&N

Those are super!

Suddenly I am wondering what a French version of Midol might be called. “Calm Down?”

Comment by katiedid

Ah, gotta love the French! Why beat around the bush (as it were..)?!

Although I’m with those passing on the mooncup, I think…

Comment by Hannah

*gasp!* Aaa ha ha ha ha!!

Comment by Justine

That is great! Nothing like truth in advertising!

The Mooncup however seems a little weird to me. I’m trying to imagine the logistics of dealing with it once it is full…Hmmm. Seems messy.

Comment by GodlessMom

I use the Mooncup and I love it! Very ecological and not as messy as you’d think. 🙂

Comment by Kate

but what if you’re in a public toilet or at work? How are you supposed to empty and wash it? Curious.

Comment by Justine

Just took a look at the mooncup.

Had but one thought when I saw it:

Dear God, a million eternal thank you’s for making me a man.


Comment by G

You empty it out in the toilet. Not necessary to rinse it out before re-inserting, but some women bring a little bottle of water with them to do just that.

Actually the cup lasts long enough msot of the time I don’t even need to go to empty it till i get home.

*bewildered* to kgrams – you mean you’ve never put your finger or anyone else’s up there ? Anyway, you don’t really need to with the cup as you bear down to push it out anyway.

Comment by SBB

I’ve got a “Keeper” and it’s the same thing as a Mooncup. Have to say I absolutely love it. Takes a bit of getting used to, but the company gives you a 90-day money-back guarantee … I just try not to wonder what they do with the Keepers of unsatisfied customers …

Comment by natasha

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