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French ads raise titters in Chick household
July 20, 2005, 5:59 am
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Salut! Finally [**mild and excited hyperventilation**] I am online from France profonde! Although no wireless broadband, so it takes a billion years for anything to upload/download/order a cup of coffee (but when it arrives, it is goooooood).

Well, we slipped down here from London a treat time-wise, stopping over for the night in a hotel. With an hour or so to kill before bedtime and in a bid to entertain two very excited, bed-bouncing chicklets, we decided to take a look at some French TV.

It seems that cartoons have the same mesmeric qualities for kids regardless of language. And, of course, in between, we were treated to a batch of French adverts.

It’s always a giggle to see how some international products translate abroad. It turns out that the bubble gum Hubba Bubba, whilst spelt the same, is pronounced ‘Ooba Booba’. And the industrial strength will-skin-your-cat-and-melt-your-coinage cleaning product Cillit Bang comes over as ‘Cillit Bong’. For some unknown reason, this caused many-a-titter. But then Mr Chick and I do possess a very childish sense of humour.

A toute a l’heure!


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Heh, great to hear you’re having fun! Hope the rest of the holiday is as much of a giggle!

Comment by Hannah

But the question is, is the Cillit Bong advert still presented by the mysterious Barry Scott?

Comment by Wyndham

Salut! Wondering where you disapeared!
Glad you are still giggling!
And remember..shops shut at lunchtime for at least 2 hours..
Le repos c’est la sante!

Comment by Frenchbird

It sounds like you’re having a great time! I can totally relate to the giggles you can get from other languages. When in Germany a gentleman told me (in German) to park my rental car in slot number 16 of his car park. I did that thing where I smiled and nodded my head and then drove off trying to figure out why he was talking about sheep stains.

Have a great time!

Comment by GodlessMom

oh, UC … you, Mr. Chick, the Chicklets, France, a hotel, bad TV … this is a comedy waiting to be produced!! *you’ll probably have time when you get back* we’ve missed you! xoxoxoxo

Comment by mireille

Sounds like you’re having fun:)
When my husband was in Guadalajara on business a few years back, he mentioned that now-defunct Mexican restaurant, Chi-Chi’s. Luis definitely giggled! “Oh, yeah, we like chi-chis!” Evidently, chi-chis is slang for breasts.

Comment by actonbell

You have NO IDEA how lucky you are. If I want to slip out for the weekend, here are my cloices.

1. Central or North Florida.
2. Alabama.
3. Georgia.

I am light years away from anyplace civilized.

Comment by The Lazy Iguana

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