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Souhaitez moi des bonnes vacances!
July 15, 2005, 7:05 am
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Gosh, I will try REALLY hard not to have too much fun, swim in the pool too often, drink too much red wine and eat too much delicious food and wotnot.

I really will try. Honest.


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Something tells me you’re lying…

Comment by Hannah

haven’t even crossed the channel yet and already i’ve been rumbled

you’re right, hannah – i have NO intention of doing as i said

just trying to make folk jealous

Comment by Urban Chick

Tcha. Disgraceful behaviour. Meh – whatcha gonna do?!

Have a great time! 😀

Comment by Hannah

Dear Mrs Chick,

How I envy you you’re French hoiday. It sounds to me you have a rare grasp of the holiday’s true purpose – slothful hedonism. Many purport to do this, but in reality they engage in a frenzy of “must do this” and “must see that” in the delusional pursuit of getting “value” for money; or perhaps they’ve simply forgotten how to relax – show them how it’s done. J’espère que vous vous amusez (my ‘o’ level French is so bad I had to resort to an online translator; but I’m sure you get the gist of it)

Regarding the infrequency of my posting, let’s blame the weather. This heatwave has reduced my natural easy-does-it pace to a crawl – sloths look at me and shake their heads critically. Anyway, I’ll see what I can do.

Monsieur Swift

PS. I’m off for a long weekend in Brussels in 4 weeks time. It’s not much, but it does ease the pangs of envy you’ve elicited from me. Don’t you just love those pavement cafes?

Comment by Swifty

“slothful hedonism”: that’s it! that’s what i’m aspiring to…

i just *knew* someone would come up with a refined form of ‘slobbing out by the pool’



Comment by Urban Chick

Il faut boire beaucoup de vin!! Have fun!!!!! And yes, I’m totally jealous.

Comment by Meegan

Have a grand time, that sounds wonderful right now!

Comment by katiedid

I’ve only just taken a proper look at the pic you’ve posted of your holiday accomodation. Wow! The Travelodges in France have so much more character than those over here.

Comment by Swifty

MMMmm! Looks like you`re going to have a great holiday urban chick!
France is beautiful, and so is that photo…is that the one you`re staying in?!

Jealous!….it`s overcast today in Scotland….sob!

Comment by Zeppellina

looks fabbydabbydoo (i’, perfectly certain i’ve never typed that before). hope the weather is great. be bad!

Comment by rivergirlie

I’m not the least bit envious because I too will be in France (well at least in Paris for four days) in a couple of months. It’s my first visit ever – literally the trip of a lifetime as I live far away in New Zealand, and what with carbon concerns, it’s unlikely we’ll be doing it again.

Comment by Ruth

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