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Make a lonely old post very happy
July 15, 2005, 9:33 pm
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I’m concerned. I can’t yet vouch for my blogging capacity whilst on holiday, although establishing an internet connection will be a matter of priority.

Here’s the thing: I’m worrying about YOU! My audience! All three of you!

So I got to thinking: how’s about you visit some of my old posts? Y’know, the lonely ones that no-one ever read (although I notice Mr Swift has been trawling them of late). The ones that HAVE NO COMMENTS. Ouch.

I’m thinking just one a day. Nothing too taxing:

Suggested reading for Saturday 16 July:
Brides-to-be: go have another Mars Bar

Suggested viewing for Sunday 17 July:
A margarita slice with your anicent Egyptian monument, Sir?

Suggested reading for Monday 18 July:
A must-read article from a vintage edition of ‘Imelda – for shoe lovers everywhere’…

Suggested reading for Tuesday 19 July:
I long for a pea green handbag

Suggested viewing for Wednesday 20 July:
Shoes of the week

And let’s hope that, by next Thursday, I will have figured out how to blog from deepest France…

Missing y’all already!


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Sorry chickadee! This is a most excellent blog, commented on or otherwise. Number 1, first rate, top work! 🙂

Comment by Justine

aw, shucks, justine

what can i say?

i’m a fan of yours too!!


Comment by Urban Chick

p.s. do you think i am needy??

Comment by Urban Chick

so thoughtful of you to pass out assignments before you leave! *grumble* *maybe I don’t WANT to read the assigned post on the assigned day* *grumble* have fun, UC … xoxoxoxo

Comment by mireille

I’m struggling to work out why I like your site so much – it’s pink… ugh! I guess it’s you. Total anonymity with a willingness to respond. It does it for me. I’ll make a point of reading the rest of your blog, and hopefully, making some comments.

By the way, Mireille is on to something; you have this school teacherly manner, this “I’m in charge” attitude. Oh my gawd! I keep coming back. What does that say about me 🙂

Comment by Swifty

I hope you have a great vacation!!! Thank you so much for giving me posts that I can read to get my UC fix while your gone. I don’t know if I can wait till Wed to read the one about the shoes. I’ll try real hard not to peak.

Comment by KGrams

I love this. I, too, feel sad when my posts don’t get comments. They look so maked and vulnerable, but there’s a certain dignity in that, I think. Sometimes I link to the older posts in the hopes that someone will comment.

Have a wonderful vacation!

Comment by Crabbi

I love your blog, UC! It’s become a part of my morning routine. Okay, evening routine as well. Thanks for the links to previous posts — will check them out now…

Comment by Meegan

Okay, I’ve read over and commented on the previous posts. What’s next? Don’t make me wait until Thursday! Let Mr. Chick and the kids explore France — you need to stick by the computer and entertain me.

Comment by Meegan

“do you think i am needy??” 🙂 LOL!

Comment by Justine

Thank you for a blog worth reading! You are bookmarked on the top of the list! Do not underestimate yourself,ever. Thank you.

Comment by Lucky Charmz

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