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A cautionary tale for those considering body art
July 14, 2005, 12:02 pm
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A friend who was staying with us last night related a most amusing tale, which he heard from a friend who is a doctor in a hospital in the north of England. He swears it’s not just an urban myth.

A young man turned up to have his blood taken and the doctor who took the blood looked at the tattoo on the inside of his arm. The conversation went something like this:

Doctor: I see you have a tattoo in Arabic (the doctor was of Arabic extraction).
Young man: Yes.
D: Why did you choose these words?
YM: Well, it’s a translation of my girlfriend’s name.
D: How did you find the Arabic for it?
YM: I looked it up on an internet dictionary and printed out the translation to take to the tattoo parlour.
D: Do you want me to tell you what it says?
YM: Yes please!
D: It says ‘No searches found’.

He he he he!!

Btw, I am NOT allowed to blog or surf any more today. I have a gazillion trillion things to do, as I am going on holiday shortly. So if you find another entry on here later today or comments on your blog posted any time from now on (midday BST), you have my full permission to give me a cyber-slap.


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Hah hah!!! That’s wonderful!

Comment by Hannah

Too Funny!!!

I would never cyber slab a co-blogger. We are all in this addiction together! Plus, I took the day off yesterday to get things around the house in order… and they are still not done. OK, I never really even started as I was too busy posting, commenting and reading other blogs.

Comment by KGrams

That is great! What a funny story.

As far as the cyberslap? I can’t do that because it would make me a hypocrite. I hate hypocrisy. 🙂

Comment by GodlessMom

That is a great story, hee!

Comment by katiedid

LOL That’s great! I think it’s dumb to get a significant other’s name tattoed on period.

Comment by Jenny G

LMAO! I know a physio (he works at London Bridge if that’s anywhere near you, not to invade his privacy or anything) who has his g’friend’s name tattood in arabic on his inside upper arm. Being a physio, he’d have a proper name for that. ANyway, he chose to do it in Arabic so if they ever break up, the next girl he meets probably won’t be able to read it, and he can tell her its her name.

Comment by Justine

justine: what a smart physio friend you have!

and actually, london bridge is VERY near me (oooh!)

AND i once had an antipodean physio (well, not *had* IYKWIM – was seen by…ahem)

could it have been your friend??!!

Comment by Urban Chick

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