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We’re Not Afraid
July 13, 2005, 11:52 am
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I added this weblink to my blog yesterday but I’d like to bring it to the attention of anyone who didn’t notice.

This website was set up in response to last Thursday’s bomb blasts in London and people from all over the world have been emailing pictures and images, bearing defiant messages to the terrorists.


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Nice images. (Although I think a lot of us are afraid. We try to convince ourselves otherwise…but I think that’s a good thing.)

Comment by Meegan

You know – I think a lot of Brits truly AREN’T afraid. So many people I’ve talked to seem to have a real “screw you,” mentality, so typical of the British!

The pics are fab! I’ve been looking for one of the London bus that’s going around: “2/10. Poor effort. Better luck next time…”

Comment by Hannah

Beautiful images. The Brits are definitely my kind of thinkers and set good examples for the world.

Be safe today!

Comment by BarbaraFromCalifornia

Great post with even greater thoughts and sentiments. Yes, we must stand united and not be afraid of the “b…ards” (Didn’t want to type the whole word as I didn’t know how you felt about profanity on your site.)

Comment by KGrams

kgrams: i have NO problem with profanities esp when it comes to talking about sh*tty little f*ckwit terrorists

(just so you know for next time!)

Comment by Urban Chick

I admired Britons for their courage during the Blitz, I admired them for their fortitude after the war when things were so hard, I admire them now. xoxo

Comment by mireille

The same thing happened in the States after 9-11.

But it did not take long for things to get political. Before I knew it, being patriotic meant never questioning the president. Opposing any policy meant you were “soft on terrorism”, or “against a secure America”.

Do not let the facist lunatics in the UK pull the same stuff on you.

Comment by The Lazy Iguana

Fear is the problem here. Because with fear come hatred, and increased regulation, and unjust laws. I really belive that America is afraid. And that is going to lead to some very bad things.

Can you say Big Brother?

Comment by MoodSwing

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