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How did I get here?
July 9, 2005, 9:40 pm
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I’ve been avidly reading other people’s blogs tonight and the bloggosphere has thrown me in the direction of some new, fun and exciting blogs. Thing is, on the trip there, I’ve often thought ‘hey! this is a great blog! but ooooh, this is an interesting comment…better go check out this blog and come back here later’. And so it goes and then, boom, I can’t remember where I was and how I got there.

This pains me, as I hate to miss an interesting blog. (Although, granted, there just aren’t enough minutes in the day to read all the great blogs out there. Well, not unless I am prepared for someone to call social services to report me for child neglect.)

[Is someone about to tell me that there is some well-known and simple means of finding out how I got here, er, there…well, y’know!? Are you sighing a collective ‘doh’?? Go on, humiliate me – expose me as the techno-twit I really am!]

One minute after uploading post: OK, now I am SUPER confused. Whilst sourcing a picture, I reloaded to find ‘1 comment’. Oh the joy! So I click on ‘Comments’ but nada, zip, sweet FA. Eh?? Help!!


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if I understand the question, you find yourself at an interesting blog, get diverted and forget where the last blog was? If that’s it, look at your Internet Explorer (sure hope that’s what you’re using because that’s all I know) toolbar above. See the icon that looks like a clock with an arrow wrapped to the left of it? That’s your history of internet travel. Click on that and it will show all the sites you’ve visited today (and back further unless you’ve changed your specs). You can then backtrack back to the one you were at previously. Hope this wordy missive helps. xoxoxo

Comment by mireille

mireille, you are a marvel

y’see, i KNEW this, but brain-did-not-compute tonight

my excuse is extreme sleep deprivation (on account of having to sleep with equivalent of drunk college room-mate, i.e. small child who is overly excited about sleeping in their parents’ bed)

Comment by Urban Chick

*I’m a marvel* *PREEN* xoxo

Comment by mireille

oh and thanks for the comment – i do feel for posts that get no comments both here and on other blogs (but then i am a bleeding heart liberal type)


p.s. i am also experimenting with new (to me) smileys

Comment by Urban Chick

You could always create a “Blogs I Like” folder in your favourites and put any that you come across in it. That way, they’re easier to access.

Comment by Hannah

y’all are so smart and yesterday (and possibly today) i am so stoooopid

Comment by Urban Chick

Oh UC, we are never stupid, somedays the simple things are just easy to overlook as there is so much else going on in our lives. 🙂 I too have come across a blog I like and I do just add it to my blogger folder in favorites to check out again later. If I really like it after stopping by a couple of time (like I did with yours) I add it to my bloglines. This tells me when a blog has an update (it sometimes is a little slow on this) and gives me a link directly to the blog itself or new post, whichever I choose.

Yes, always try to comment. However during the week, it is normally very late at night when I get to blog and there are times that I am just too tired or not feeling very witty or profound and simply choose to read what is happening.

Comment by KGrams

Bloglines is good as well even if it doesn’t update as quickly as I like but it’s an on line list of the blogs you read that have a RSS feed.

Comment by Jane

oh oh oh! jane, stop right there!! RSS feed? what????

see! like i said: techno-twit

Comment by Urban Chick

Being an utterly selfish person, I don’t care as long as you don’t forget where I am. Difficult to forget me though as I keep peppering your blog with my gibberish, and leaving my link. Thanks for the recent comment by the way. I thought I’d make a serious statement for a change.

Comment by Swifty

Adding them to a “blogs” folder in my favourites is the way I tend to go. History folder is also a handy way of tracking back…

Comment by Joanna

I use folders/favorites too. You can create folders within folders, too and organize your blogs by type: political, humor, food, etc. If only the rest of my life was as organized as my computer…sigh.

Comment by Crabbi

Quite agreed.

Comment by Aldo Beaudet

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