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Feeling sick
July 7, 2005, 11:02 am
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Several (presumed) bomb blasts in London this morning. Two right next to where Mr Chick works. Feel sick. They’re being told to stay in the building for now but heck knows how he’ll travel home.

Update [5pm, UK time]: Mr Chick is home. Hooray for the riverboat, which seems to have been the only form of transport running out of central London. Big relief. Thanks for your lovely comments. UC x


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Urban Chick, My heart is with you. I’m so sorry this is happening. Please keep us posted on anything we may not hear on our news here in the US.

Comment by GodlessMom

You have my sympathy.

Comment by Swifty

godlessmom said it. you and mrchick are in my thoughts. xoxoxo

Comment by mireille

UC, I specifically came to your blog just now because I just heard the news and thought of you. I am so upset right now. I was here in NYC on 9/11 and I’m feeling the same helplessness right now. I take the subway all the time. I am so pissed off/sad/scared. And I know you are, too. This is a terrible way to feel.

Comment by Meegan

Oh god. I don’t know what to say, except that I hope he’ll get home safely very soon. This is terrible. What a tragic day.

Comment by katiedid

I also came over to your blog when I read about it. My thoughts are with you, your husband, and any friends or family you may have over there.

Comment by Jenny G

I’m so glad to hear Mr. Chick got home okay. That is very good news.

Comment by GodlessMom

thank you for letting us know UC. xoxoxoxo

Comment by mireille

So glad Mr Chick is home and that you are all safe.

Comment by Jane

{{{Urban Chick}}}glad to hear you and yours are safe.

Comment by actonbell

Glad to hear Mr. Chick got home safe and sound. My thoughts are with the Brits tonight.

Comment by Raine

So glad to hear Mr Chick is ok and got home safely.

Comment by Hannah

Oh my heart is with your country in these times more than ever. Good to hear Mr. UC is home safe and sound.

Comment by Atreau

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