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June 26, 2005, 2:46 pm
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my favourite Chagall picture: Les Deux Tetes (The Two Heads).

Hoorah for Google Images!


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This one is beatuiful. I am going to see if I can cut and paste the one I have by Chagall. It is sold on Ebay and is a lithograph called Spring. I love the symbolism and colors in this one you display.

Today, on my blog, I talk about myc collection.

Comment by BarbaraFromCalifornia

I’m now inspired to make a groan inducing joke:

I’m so glad you picked this Chagall; The Two Heads are better than The One.

I duly apologize for the above.

Comment by katiedid

Don here from A Swift One. Sorry for using your commenint facility to answer the question you left on my post, but it seems to be the best way to proceed. Anyway, the answer is no, I’m not familiar with de Botton’s “The Art of Travel”, only his, “The Art of Happiness”. Is the “Art of Travel” a current publication? Anyway, it’s nice to know that little old me with my few brain cells can arrive at similar conclusions. Although, having said that, I would have thought anyone could have done the same. It’s not exactly full of insight. Still, it’s not what you say, but the way that you say it. And that was me.

Nice painting by the way but I have to confess, I’m unfamiliar with the artist. Would I be a philistine if I suggested it was a derivative of Klimt’s The Kiss?

Comment by Swifty

Indeedy, you are right in your estimation of mine and de Bottons’s conclusions [chuckle]. I only write this stuff when I get the distinct impression there are people out there who buy these social myths and persist in inflicting it upon themselves year in year out. It makes it all worthwhile when someone like yourself feels strongly enough to comment. Thanks.

Comment by Swifty

If I thought I could get laughs, I would sell my body and my soul. You may have noticed the following post was an apology for making such a pretentious statement. I confess to being very changeable, amongst other things. I’m glad you’re insecure. Perfection would be too much for me.

Comment by Swifty

I’m not very familiar with Chagall’s work… I love how the bride and groom are under the veil together, and how he looks at her admiringly. I also like his use of color here.

Comment by Raine

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